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Recent Reviews

Tom Lancaster

* * * * * Reviewed October 5, 2017

Great service by great people! If you need tires, balancing or oil change, this is the place to find honest hard working people. Highly recommend this location in New Smyrna!

Robert Johnson

* * * * * Reviewed June 15, 2017

While visiting New Smyrna Beach from Miami, a small screw was removed from the front passenger side tire of our Honda Minivan which led to a flat tire on Friday evening. I phoned The Tire Choice just after 8am Saturday morning and Matt said "come-on in". Upon arrival to Tire Choice, I was greeted by Dave and moments later both the minivan tire and our spare were fixed. Very very pleased with their ability to get us in and out on a moment's notice.

Dan Seastrum

* * * * * Reviewed May 31, 2017

Was here from NY on vacation and got a screw in my tire. Brought my car in and these guys went out of there way to get me in and out fast. These guys rock !

Charlie Bratcher

* * * * * Reviewed May 2, 2017

Love this place, NO PROBLEMS EVER!!! We are having a problem, we make a call & we are told to come in. I deal with Matt when I call an things are taken care of & done right.

Andrew Charles

* * Reviewed February 17, 2017

My experience is this.... Over the years, this place has been great, Dave and Matt are great people, but lately since new ownership has taken over, things have changed. I went there for an oil change, I got a post card in the mail advertising "$19" oil change. When the service was complete and yes they did rotate the tires free as always, I got the usual recommended service sticker on the glass at 3000 miles later, all good. When I went to pay the bill, somehow, it came to $28, although I couldn't figure out how Dave arrived at that I just shrugged it off. I was told my brake pads were 80% worn, and I change my own pads and just did them in October of 2016 (this visit was on 2/8/17), it is a cargo van and I do a lot of heavy work so I went to NAPA bought pads, a T47 bit, and some brake cleaner. Went home, cleared space in my garage, raised front end, removed tires, and long behold, both sides were still full of pad about 80 percent LEFT, not worn. (inside and outside). My friend who did my brakes last October bled them properly and they wear evenly, and there is still plenty of meat left from the high end pads I bought in October. Bottom line, if you get a coupon, verify the total before having the work done, and ask to physically see what they are telling you is wrong. I brought the pads back to NAPA, and the little T47 bit that I always lose anyway between brake pad changes. This caused quite a bit of lost time for nothing, all because the new owners are telling mechanics (most likely) to add unnecessary quotes for service, (oddly enough things that are quite easy for anyone to do). Not sure if I will keep going here for oil changes, if I do I will tell them not to recommend other service. I do all my own mechanical work normally, especially brake pads and batteries, both of which I was told I needed on this trip and neither turned out to be bad. Dave has been at this location as manager since it was "Mike Gattos" and back then it was the best. When it became "McGees" it was still a great place, not much change, other than the showroom. I'm not sure where "The Tire Choice" is from, looks like Miami based, but still, this should always be a factor when rating a service on Google, and it is the main reason for my two stars here. Once again, this is no reflection on any of the staff there, I know just like anyplace, they are just doing their job, and I'm sure being told to sell unnecessary work is not what they want, but are told to say. Ironically the noise I was hearing from the left front tire was actually part of a clothes hangar that most likely flew up from the road and wrapped itself around the left tie rod end, causing a rattle against the steering column which is right above it. Not a brake caliper, and I am surprised the mechanic didn't see it dangling there when he removed the tire. They do great oil changes, great tires, I'm sure, just don't have ANY mechanical work done until you see for yourself it's needed. UPDATE: Response to Kim: Thank you Kim, I appreciate the offer but I honestly do not know what there would be to discuss, what's done is done, and I stated all that occurred, it's just a matter of letting the Google public know that it's no longer the same experience that it was under the previous ownership, which, in this reviewer's opinion, was much better than what you have now, and that anyone visiting this shop should have any recommended service be visually presented to them, right there while the vehicle is on the lift. This should really be implemented no matter where you go for vehicle service, in fact, it should be a state law. Even the most experienced ASE mechanics misdiagnose automobile repairs, and I know my vehicle better than anyone, so who better to determine what is needed or not on my vehicle.... PS- Who are the three guys in the stock photo? How about at least uploading a photo of actual mechanics that work at this particular location? LOL....