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Tia Christman

* * * * * Reviewed July 21, 2017

I was genuinely appreciative of the honesty and straightforwardness I found at this dealership. I had spent several weekends visiting other area dealerships and Buy Here Pay Here places, constantly getting the runaround, blatant bait and switch techniques, and outright being lied to. I visited Ziggy's and told him what I had for a down payment. Rather than waste my time, he told me the minimum down payment required for any of his vehicles. I returned a few days later, with that amount in hand. I had already picked out one vehicle from the website and he indicated that 1.) it required a cash payment in full, and 2.) why he wouldn't finance it (it was a work vehicle and he couldn't guarantee that it would hold up for a long period of time to warrant financing it). He promptly showed me three other vehicles that would be in my price range. The vehicle I picked was clean and runs well. The process was smooth to get me "financed" without any finance fees, upcharges, or interest payments. He offered an incentive plan to pay it off early. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone wanting a straightforward and trustworthy experience.

Dave Jellison

* Reviewed April 25, 2017

We purchased an as-is car from "Honest Ziggy". A Dodge Stratus Paperweight. The car ran fine for about a week before it died. The inspection of a mechanic revealed the car needed a new head, which would cost 2 times what the car was worth. It was also revealed the car was likely doctored to make it look functional for long enough to sell it to some foolish trusting person: me. I called "Honest Ziggy" to see if he cared. It didn't really come as much of a surprise when he said "I'm sorry that happened to you". As if he had no part in the process. Honest Ziggy will honestly sell you an over-priced, band-aided car that will die on you and laugh while he counts your money. If negative stars could be awarded to this con-job, I'd give "Honest Ziggy" an honest -5 stars. I'm certainly kicking myself for not having the time to read all of the 1 star reviews of other poor souls he's ripped off. EDIT: Reply to owner. Having an A+ rating in the BBB simply means what you're doing isn't illegal. Something I hope the state of Florida corrects at some point. I also posted this review, verbatim in the Pine Island Prospect, to the tune of 5,000 viewers. I truly hope no one else where I live gets ripped off by you, if they haven't already.

Joey Willard

* * * * * Reviewed August 13, 2017

Bought an Acura TSX from Gregg gave me a great price and the car is in great condition could not be happier with my purchase will definitely return in the future

Amber Laroche

* * * * * Reviewed June 3, 2017

Got fantastic car and was met with quality service and nothing but kindness and respect from everyone working. Great people great company and as the name states very honezt

Mike Ort

* * * * * Reviewed September 3, 2017

Great place, and willing to make a deal. Will buy again from here.