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Erikia Goodwin

* Reviewed January 25, 2018

I bought a car from here the day after Christmas. I am a single mother with 2 little girls and needed a reliable car. Before I took the car for the test drive Greg had to hook up the battery. I took the car for a test drive and it ran great. I noticed a leak in the front passenger tire and there was an issue with driver window. I spoke to Greg about these issues and he said he would have them fixed for me when I came to pick the car up. I live about 5 miles from the dealership and drove the car home. The next morning I went to go to work and every possible warning light came on. The car was sputtering and I was not even sure it would make it to my job. That same day I took it to a mechanic who hooked it up and ran the codes. About 20 codes came up. I called Greg at "Honest" ziggy's and told him what was going on. I asked him if he would fix it. He said sure bring it down and he would have his mechanic fix it but that because I bought the car "as is" I would have to pay the price that his mechanic charges him. Turns out, disconnecting the battery will erase all error messages and codes for 20 miles, which is exactly how far I drove before all the problems started. Last weekend I noticed an oil leak. Took the car to Tires Plus and when they had it lifted in the air i was able to look under vehicle. Saw the tire that had original leak and saw how Greg had "fixed" the problem. He sprayed foam seal on the rim of my tire to keep it from leaking. I reported him to the BBB and the mayor. Also reported him to the DMV and will be taking his dishonest self to court. I have already put money into repairs and the car continues to have new issues every week. DIshonest Ziggy should back up his name and not take advantage of people. I will never buy from this place again and I would not refer my worst enemy to this place for a vehicle.

John Doe

* Reviewed February 2, 2018

####::WARNING WARNING WARNING#### PLEASE READ BEFORE CONSIDERING BUYING FROM NOT SO HONEST ZIGGY HE WILL SELL YOU A VEHICLE AND FIND A WAY TO REPO IT HE IS A CON ARTIST AND A VERY GOOD ONE !!!!YOU WILL LOSE $$$$$$$ The was no option for 0 stars or i would have chose it i wish i had done the research i have done before dealing with greg i had bought a truck i put ALOT down with my ontime payments i had spent almost 10grand in 4 months $75 a week i was doing monthly so i had a payment due of $74.50 due and i was going to be 1 week late i had spoke to him in person i said i would be late but when i come in i will pay my week payment. That will be latr plus 4 more for the month he replied see u next week so i had to work on that day so i was going there as soon as i was done working as i was loading my tools @ 230 i see a tow truck pull up he said he was there to get the truck i replied there must be a mistake let me call greg i called greg and said i told you i would be in today to make my payment odf 75$ plus 4 more i can be there in 30 mins or my wife can be there in 10 minutes he replied sorry i cant do anything and hung up on me the tow truck then drove away with my wallet all my tools my medication left me with 3% battery on my phone stuck 40 miles from home so i had to walk mean while my wife goes there to talk to him with my kids and he threatens ro call the cops i call him the next day and ask what i need do to get it back he replied pay it in full whitch was over 15grand so i find out from MANY MANY other people that he has done thw same to them only 1 person i spoke with spent $12000 in about 8 months with his down payment greg sold his loan and he had 30 days to come up with the last $8000 and still make the weekly payment so it was repossessed and resold for close to what the oraginal sale price another bought a truck had it looked @ the frame was cracked he took it back and it went rite back on the lot my hope ia that no one else gets ripped off by this con do youe own research if you dig you will find things

Dariel Galindo

* Reviewed January 20, 2018

in novemeber i bought a 98 ram 1500, the same day I bought it the transmission blew. I proceeded to call him the next day and tell him (it broke down at night so atleast it lasted a few hours) he proceeded to tell me in a polite way that it basically wasnt his problem, he bought the truck and never had it checked out. so this means one of two things A. He doesnt know anything about a car he buys so either u spend some $200-500 on paying a mechanic to thoroughly check it out because checking on a tranny isnt just driving it or just popping the hood its removing the pan or quite possibly the tranny and that can take a day or two to do or B. he very well knew that the transmission was busted and he proceeded to lie about saying the car was a good condition because he knew as long as there wasnt obvious signs of the transmission going bad he you really arent gonna spend 200 dollars on a car u might or might not buy. Btw I had a buddy of mine tell me that he used to sell scrap parts and work on ur cars. he told me u would cheap out and buy cheap parts that you knew would break after a little bit to get the car working after i bought the car i took it to him and he asked where did i get after proceeding to say honesty ziggys he looked at me and said i used to work with him on a few cars ur car is not gonna last 3 months he tends to do illegal and shady things to cars to get them to work. so is every car in his lot gonna break. No. is there a few bad apples in his lot he likes to lie about or in his words "I dont check them with a mechanic" and i see here that people have run into the same excuse and if you try saying i have you confused, i dont your the used car dealership next to the tire replacement shop. im currently am trying to take him to court looking for a lawyer who can actually do something about this although no illegal to sell broken cars it is illegal to sell a car after cheaply repairing knowing it will only last a few days and break down and proceeding to say its in great condition.

Tia Christman

* * * * * Reviewed July 21, 2017

I was genuinely appreciative of the honesty and straightforwardness I found at this dealership. I had spent several weekends visiting other area dealerships and Buy Here Pay Here places, constantly getting the runaround, blatant bait and switch techniques, and outright being lied to. I visited Ziggy's and told him what I had for a down payment. Rather than waste my time, he told me the minimum down payment required for any of his vehicles. I returned a few days later, with that amount in hand. I had already picked out one vehicle from the website and he indicated that 1.) it required a cash payment in full, and 2.) why he wouldn't finance it (it was a work vehicle and he couldn't guarantee that it would hold up for a long period of time to warrant financing it). He promptly showed me three other vehicles that would be in my price range. The vehicle I picked was clean and runs well. The process was smooth to get me "financed" without any finance fees, upcharges, or interest payments. He offered an incentive plan to pay it off early. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone wanting a straightforward and trustworthy experience.

Dave Jellison

* Reviewed April 25, 2017

We purchased an as-is car from "Honest Ziggy". A Dodge Stratus Paperweight. The car ran fine for about a week before it died. The inspection of a mechanic revealed the car needed a new head, which would cost 2 times what the car was worth. It was also revealed the car was likely doctored to make it look functional for long enough to sell it to some foolish trusting person: me. I called "Honest Ziggy" to see if he cared. It didn't really come as much of a surprise when he said "I'm sorry that happened to you". As if he had no part in the process. Honest Ziggy will honestly sell you an over-priced, band-aided car that will die on you and laugh while he counts your money. If negative stars could be awarded to this con-job, I'd give "Honest Ziggy" an honest -5 stars. I'm certainly kicking myself for not having the time to read all of the 1 star reviews of other poor souls he's ripped off. EDIT: Reply to owner. Having an A+ rating in the BBB simply means what you're doing isn't illegal. Something I hope the state of Florida corrects at some point. I also posted this review, verbatim in the Pine Island Prospect, to the tune of 5,000 viewers. I truly hope no one else where I live gets ripped off by you, if they haven't already.