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Recent Reviews

Michael Rowe

* * * Reviewed September 1, 2018

Edit: to be fair he did encourage we get it checked before we buy. He said it a couple times. And that's worth something Make sure you get the vehicle checked out by mechanic. I went to buy a car from here, asked if anything was wrong with it. I was told nothing was wrong. Upon inspection, everything under the car was spray painted to cover rust. Whole break system was falling apart, holes in exhaust, even the rotors were painted... mechanic said he didn't have to finish you shouldn't buy it, it's a bucket of rust waiting to fall apart... Polished for quick money so it seems Just save yourself the headache and get an inspection. He isn't going to tell you what is wrong with the vehicle.

Lori Buck

* Reviewed June 27, 2018

Update 2: Greg's "solution" to his mistake is either I pay for it, or he buys back the loan. Seeing as how I want absolutely nothing to do with his shady business practices ever again, I paid the amount I didn't owe in an effort to stop it from affecting my credit score (already went down 4 points as a result of this debacle) As for the non existent paper I signed saying he could sell my loan (double checked the entire packet of paperwork I received upon purchase) I encourage Greg to mail me a copy with my signature) if I receive such copy I will gladly retract my statement regarding that. Update: Do not buy from this dealer. For 3 months I had a great relationship with them paying biweekly so I was always ahead. In May they called me to let me know they were selling my contract to Mid Atlantic Financial. Got may paperwork from them and set up the app and it listed me as 21 days late owing over $200. Started receiving harassing phone calls from Mid Atlantic demanding payments I did not owe. For 12 days I was calling both businesses trying to get it sorted and Ziggys kept telling me to call Mid Atlantic, Mid Atlantic kept having me call Ziggys. My contract was with Ziggys and I should have been warned before buying my vehicle that my contract could be sold. I love my car but this was not worth the hassle. Recently bought a 2012 Honda Fit here, and it was a wonderful experience. Friendly and helpful staff got me into my car quickly. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a clean car at a good price!!!

Millie Gartenmayer

* * * * * Reviewed July 17, 2018

Went bought a 2006 dodge ram. Salesmen was honest and to the point. Very goog experience. Thank u.

The Truth

* * * * * Reviewed May 14, 2018

I bought my brother a truck for Christmas from honest Ziggys at a very good price ... and now six months later it is still running like new very clean and nice.... all his cars and trucks are very clean and are in good condition and are all at a good price .... I will recommend this place to anyone I know...

Ashley Cassidy

* * * * * Reviewed March 24, 2018

I would highly recommended this place to anyone! Great price and excellent service from his staff and himself! I love my new car and am very happy to have done business with honest ziggy!