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Recent Reviews

Tony Eady

* * * Reviewed August 8, 2018

Descent but could be better prices


* * * * * Reviewed August 27, 2016

Needed a new tire on a Saturday evening. These guys were one of the only places open on a Saturday. They had a great price, quick service, and everyone there was super friendly and polite. Would definitely recommend, and we will be going there again for anything tires! (As far as the military stuff in the other reviews, idk, everyone was really nice and respectful.)

Mona Lynam

* * * * * Reviewed May 6, 2017

The manager Jay is so polite and helpful. Bought Tire replaced it, I went back the next day for a front end alignment. Will go back.


* * * * * Reviewed August 26, 2017

Fari prices and good service!

Eden LaClair

* Reviewed July 16, 2016

It's a very sad day in America when one of our veterans who served 18 years in the USMC was told that this business actually charges veterans more than regular customers because they believe that our men and women in uniform who defend and fight for our rights and freedoms we have here in America are nothing but murders that go around killing innocent people, but not only that, that they basically orchestrated the attacks on 9-11. While my friend is obviously the better person here and decided it best he take his business elsewhere, he should have never have had to. He fought for your freedom and your right to have this deranged opinion and to be treated the way he was is unacceptable. Normally I respect others opinions even when they differ from mine but yours, I give no respect to you, and for the life of me can not figure out why you live in this country. Anyone who supports your business also supports your beliefs and does not support our military. can be bought at a more reputable place that does respect our military rather than disrespecting them. So completely Unamerican and disgraceful. You all should be ashamed. I hope his story goes viral!