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Recent Reviews

James Crute

* * * * * Reviewed April 6, 2018

Thank God for this place. Super friendly people, super cheap(yet high quality) tires both used and new. They swap tires out FAST! After having a tire blow on me while driving on the highway (from CT to FL), putting on the donut, I still had 150 miles to my hotel and didn't feel comfortable. Luckily this place was right down the road. I called and they were very sympathetic and treated my situation with priority... As soon as I got there they put 3 guys to put a new pair of front tires on my car and I was in and out within a half hour for less than $150.

Amber Lewis

* * * * * Reviewed March 2, 2018

I am the third greneration in my family to use poor boys.. Now its under new management but don't let that deter you.. They kept it in the family. The owner just gave it to his son. So more generations after me could possibly also still be poor boys customers. Friendly Fast service always. Awesome work. Always Helps if there's a problem and they will never do work you do not need. I trust this used tire place the most and hopefully so will my children and theirs too.

James Whitehurst

* Reviewed June 19, 2018

Affordable but slow. Place is not run very well

Holli Long

* * * * * Reviewed March 28, 2018

Needed a used tired and they had one. Nice little gem we stumbled upon. Great service and nice employees. Tire ended up with a small leak and they patched it at no extra cost.

Mike Hill

* * * * * Reviewed May 24, 2018

The best DEALS for new tires!!!! Joe and the fellas are top notch and professional.