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Priscilla Tolentino

* Reviewed June 8, 2017

Wouldn't recommend. I know it's a used tire with no warranty. A few months ago I got a used tire for my cobalt. The next day I noticed some air came out. Didn't freak out decided to fill it. The following day flat again. I decided to take it and got charged for another tire. Not even 2 days go by get sold a flat tire and still have to pay for another used one. Don't go here. Better places on obt that won't sell you a flat used tire.

Ruben Ortiz

* Reviewed May 29, 2017

This place is a rip off. Sold me a used tired with a plug. Didn't notice till the next day when i went outside and my tire was flat.

Josiel Oliveira

* * * * Reviewed April 21, 2017

Very good service very good used tires. And I am a regular customer.

Maria Medina

* * * * * Reviewed January 2, 2017

Great and quick service. The personnel was very corteous and helpful. Thank you for a hassle free and quick experience.

Chris Valen

* * * * Reviewed March 18, 2016

Place isn't the cleanest by any means. But they are quick and earnest. I bought some tires off ebay 4 for 170 Mich w/ shipping 200 flat. Every other place charged me $25. A tires or refused unless I bought from them. This place charged me 30 and I was on my merry. Like I stated not clean but cheap and nice.