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yaya prettyy

* Reviewed February 15, 2018

Omg Please do not come to this business. I’m typing this as I am waiting for a tow truck to come tow my car to the dealership. I had two tires replaced by them and the same day one of them went flat on me. I had to get my car towed for the first time and had to bring the tire back to the shop to have them give me a new tire on the next day. This is now day three and the same tire they replaced has went flat. I have roadside assistance with my insurance company and because this is the second tow I’m sure my insurance premium will go up! Horrible place! I don’t know what tires they are using but I will be placing a complaint with BBB.

Priscilla Tolentino

* Reviewed June 8, 2017

Wouldn't recommend. I know it's a used tire with no warranty. A few months ago I got a used tire for my cobalt. The next day I noticed some air came out. Didn't freak out decided to fill it. The following day flat again. I decided to take it and got charged for another tire. Not even 2 days go by get sold a flat tire and still have to pay for another used one. Don't go here. Better places on obt that won't sell you a flat used tire.

Cutee Bee Games

* * * * * Reviewed January 24, 2018

These guys came thru in a pinch, had me back on the road in no time!!

Ruben Ortiz

* Reviewed May 29, 2017

This place is a rip off. Sold me a used tired with a plug. Didn't notice till the next day when i went outside and my tire was flat.

Raul Morales

* * * * Reviewed March 11, 2018

Good tires for the price.