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Ben Robles

* * Reviewed May 31, 2017

Went there this morning 5/31 just to get a simple alignment done for 40$...approached the counter and had to wait till employee finishes his game on his phone. Didn't say hello or good morning. Bad first impression!! Would like an alignment please....but than he huffed like he didn't want the business. So long story short I didn't get an alignment done I needed my tie rod replaced which I did it myself and took the car to another shop. Talk about the other side of the coin. They were great. Clean shop and customer service was excellent. Only ten bucks more but least I got good service without the attitude. If you want cheap and rude service...go here. I'm sorry but I'm a customer and I don't need the tude. Least the mechanic was nice.

Josh Sanchez

* * * * * Reviewed October 13, 2017

Diagnosed my car right away in a matter of minutes. Very affordable prices. I recommned

Mohammed Abdalla

* * * * * Reviewed September 2, 2017

Very nice Experience !! I highly recommend this place ! I got 4 new tires and a wheel alignment for under 250$ !

Stuart Simpson

* * * * Reviewed August 20, 2017

I've just seen their work...they're fast and frie ndly

Shaylah Jones

* Reviewed April 8, 2017

Filter with the lowest score for the most accurate rating! I came to get an alignment done, was told there was no warranty because basically women don't know how to drive and will mess up the alignment. Ok, fine the alignment done because I have came in the past and the work done was "ok." Took them 10 minutes which I found odd being I've had many alignments done taking more than 30 minutes. On the way home I could tell no alignment was done. I immediately called them, they said to return the following day. When I returned they had a "technician" drive my car. He came back and said there was nothing wrong with the car, I told him it's pulling to the right and the manager who claimed women couldn't drive said it's pulling because of how Florida's roads are. Ludicrous I told him, I've been driving for 15 years in Florida and know what a proper alignment feels like in a car. The manager thinks people, especially women are stupid. I told him he needs to lower his voice, watch his tone & work on his customer service skills. He had the alignment technician put my car up to check the alignment. The technician yanked my right lower control arm so hard IT BROKE claiming he was trying something else to get my alignment right. At the time, I didn't realize what he had done. I left with my car and as soon as I let go of the steering wheel it immediately went in the right lane. I called them and returned the car again. At that time the bullshit manager claimed that a new tire bought from them 9 months before (I only put 5,000 miles on) was the reason the alignment was off. REALLY? I got fed up and left. Long story short..I've had to replace both my lower control arms ($450) and replace all my tires new with an alignment from a reputable shop ($420) due to the damages they've done to my car and taken no responsibility. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE!!! Even though they advertise a cheap alignment and tires, you will spend as much as if you went to Pep boys and even if you don't, you'll definitely be making repairs from their shoddy work. So save yourself the headache and time going back and forth with these people. Another thing, throughout the years I've dealt with them they are constantly having a changeover of management/employees so they can blame the bullshit on someone else. The people that own this shop, own the one on Pine Hills/50 as well. DO NOT GO THERE EITHER! Taking advantage of people's ignorance will definitely get y'all in the end.