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Sandra Burke

* Reviewed February 9, 2018

!!!!!DO NOT GO HERE- I was threatened and scammed!!!! I only needed 1 damaged tire replaced and they didn't check to match it to my other tire, so they ended up putting the wrong size on. When they "finished", I checked and noticed the sizes didn't match, so I pointed it out to them and politely asked that they fix the mistake by putting on the correct size that matched my other pre-existing tire. The owner immediately came up to me and started screaming at me and making a scene. I was so caught off guard and I wasn't rude or aggressive at all. He started threatening to take off the tire he had just put on and to leave me stranded if I didn't pay for the incorrect tire they had just installed. I was only asking that they just put the correct sized tire on- that's all I wanted, but he continually refused to fix their mistake. It was clearly their fault for not checking. When I told him I'd wait for him to get the correct size out of his lot and to redo it, he just kept screaming and threatening me more and more and then he started to lift my car up off of the ground saying he was going to take the incorrect tire off, but wouldn't put the correct size tire on or my old damaged tire back on. He was on a rampage and was going to leave me with no tire on my car at all. I kept saying please and used my manners in hopes to calm him down, all while he was intimidating me and threatening me. Finally, I just yelled FINE and said I'd pay him for the wrong tire, just so he would lower my car and I could get the heck out of there. I gave him the money and left as fast as I could. I never leave reviews, but this was undoubtedly the worst experience I've had in years. I usually know how to handle bullies, but this guy is on a whole different level. DO NOT GO HERE! I am a young woman who was all by myself in this horrible place and this big mouthed man (who clearly has an attitude problem) was all about intimidating and terrifying me just so he could scam me into giving him my money for the wrong product. I now have to go somewhere else to and buy ANOTHER tire to replace the one I just paid for from this jerk. I should have called the police on him, but I just wanted to get away.

Margarita Grisales

* * * * * Reviewed January 2, 2018

I just called this shop because my tire pressure light came on... the guy who picked up was so kind and honest, he said it was possibly due to the drop in temperature! Thank you!!

Rich Silver

* Reviewed January 4, 2018

I purchased a used tire, woke up the next day and the tire was on the ground. Took it to another tire place and they showed me that they circled the place where the hole was with chalk. Scam artist. Should have known when there was a big sign on building saying no refunds after leaving lot.

Loren Ceballos

* * * * * Reviewed October 27, 2017

Just called Sandlake tires . I was lucky to have Kenny pick up the phone . Thanks to him I was about to come straight here . He took his time to help me read my tire size so he could give me a price unlike Tire king them that told me they had no used tires or could provide me with a price 🙄 No help. I highly recommend this tire place . Kenny was busy with another customer when I arrived and was still able to pick up the phone. Than you again 💋

Odessa Joseph

* * * * * Reviewed December 12, 2017

Great experience. Fast and courteous. Thanks!