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Recent Reviews

Virginia Bagley

* * * * * Reviewed April 9, 2018

I thank God for Ruben. He helped me out a lot. He trusted me when I did not have the complete amount of money to finish the job on my car. He let me pay in installments, for that, I really appreciate him. The work they did on my car was excellent. Thanks Ruben. God Bless, Virginia

Jonathan Bautista

* * * * * Reviewed March 20, 2018

F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C place! they speak English and Spanish, the lady in the front desk is very helpful. Part and labor costs are reasonably cheap. I went in to change my brakes and rotters and they were done before i started watching my show on Netflix (since usually some places take eons) i was very happy with the well done service.

Carlos Villafane

* * * Reviewed July 15, 2018

Ok ace to get some mechanical work done cheaper than big places. Relatively honest and straight forward.

Chard Phebe

* * * * * Reviewed January 8, 2018

The BEST car service in Orlando. Honest appraisals. Hard to beat prices. Rewards for customer loyalty. They remember you and treat you like friends not just family. I drive a 2000 Honda Accord with over 200K miles on it, thanks to them I think I'll see 250K! I look forward to each time I do business with Ruben.


* * * * * Reviewed January 8, 2018

I love going Ruben's Tires in Orlando. My entire family goes there. They have great customer service, awesome people, and very knowledgeable about vehicles. It's a family oriented type place. I recommend anyone to go there. Very understandable about your situation (financially). They love working with you too. Not to mention the quality of service. It's fantastic. They will take good care of you. Trust me. Forget any place else, go to Ruben's!!!