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Amanda Benitez

* * * * * Reviewed February 14, 2018

I had a huge bulge on my tire that looked like it was about to burst at any second. I literally stopped at the first tire place I saw on my way home from work that sold used tires. This place happened to be the place. The tire was reasonably priced and the guys there had it put on in no time. I'll be sure to return if I ever need anything else!

Benjamin Zupan

* * Reviewed January 10, 2018

Recently bought a second set of tires (see my glowing 5 star review from a few years back). One had a slow leak so I naturally went back about a week later to have it fixed. It did not go well. As in being yelled at and threatened by the owner to have me arrested if I ever came on the property again when I protested to the $30+ fee. Apparently folks try and take advantage of this guy but c'mon. He eventually calmed down and apologized as I was driving away. He asked me what I wanted him to do. I said patch the tire (duh). He did. Great product but be prepared for a potential battle! P.S. I was torn as to whether to post this but it happened, has been bothering me, and I hope it will be helpful to the owner in the future. Tires ARE terrific and an excellent value!

Mandii Bear

* Reviewed January 30, 2018

This guy Jayson is a liar! Called an spoke to Jayson in regards to getting a set of 33x12.50x17 ironmans he guaranteed he had. So we drove a hour n a half to find out he didnt have them they were 35s. What kind of customer service do they have. Then i tell him we drove a hour a half his reply was well we had someone come from miami as he quickly walked away. How flippin rude! His post on Facebook market clearly stated he had them as well.

nick u

* * Reviewed January 14, 2018

Not thorough with work.Had heater core hoses break. Gave me a price to fix of 500 I agreed. Drove the car from here to Holiday and started overheating. Dropped it off again and said the radiator was cracked. Would be over 600 to fix. I told them I don't have the moneyand I'll be down to pick it up and they charge me 65 bucks to refill the radiator with fluid. In the last couple months I've spent over 750 dollars there on a car that kbb's for less than that. The part that got me to change my review was how cold they where when I said I can't afford that as well as charging me for the coolant. Just dissapointed.


* Reviewed December 25, 2017

Stopped in, yea guy was REAL arrogant. Don't need you that bad. Pep boys treats you alot better. Asked about tires for a truck, guy asks if the truck is driveable??? Really just asking about tires for my husband's truck. Can't give me a price, forget it!!!