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Recent Reviews

John Olsen

* Reviewed August 17, 2018

Cant give them no stars.Took my car there for AC repair and their mechanic messed up my car, he put in a evaporator core and broke the water drain off the case that holds it, its a $800 case the evaporator core is $50. Owner Jason said he would make things right and that was 4 months ago, Still waiting. AC drains inside my car, I just want replacement of the part his mechanic broke new or used, If your going west on park blvd. keep going there are plenty of good mechanics up the road.

Efrain Figueredo

* * * * * Reviewed August 15, 2018

Family owned & operated. Comfortable. Customer lobby. Friendly service & reliable work.

Julie Rodgeguis

* * * * * Reviewed May 8, 2018

Best shop in town, all my family comes here for service & tires. They Handel anything we bring their way. Droped off 2 cars and finished the same day. Their Staff loaned us a nice van to use for the day, so happy to have then around.

Risen Yeshua

* Reviewed June 6, 2018

Brought my Nissan Altima in for front pads, front rotors and an alignment, over $650!!!! Two weeks later back brakes are grinding. Won't go back to them, too expensive. Got another place doing the back pads n rotors for $150. So are the front pads n rotors that much more or did I pay $500 for a $60 alignment???

Benjamin Zupan

* * Reviewed March 29, 2018

Recently bought a second set of tires (see my glowing 5 star review on Yelp from a few years back). One had a slow leak so I naturally went back about a week later to have it fixed. It did not go well. As in being yelled at and threatened by the owner to have me arrested if I ever came on the property again when I protested to the $30+ fee. Apparently folks try and take advantage of this guy but c'mon. He eventually calmed down and apologized as I was driving away. He asked me what I wanted him to do. I said patch the tire (duh). He did. Great product but be prepared for a potential battle! P.S. I was torn as to whether to post this but it happened, has been bothering me, and I hope it will be helpful to the owner in the future. Tires ARE terrific and an excellent value!