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Frank's Wife

* * * * * Reviewed September 15, 2017

Can't thank Ron enough. I needed air in my tire to get to work and I had already stopped at 4 different places and the machines were out of order, I pulled into The Tire Choice and explained my issue and Ron was so nice, he said don't stress over it, pull your car up and we will be glad to help!! Guess where I will be going now to buy tires or any other services they offer. That's how you build customers!!!

Brandon Bryan

* * * * * Reviewed August 10, 2017

Marty was super nice and friendly. He was so helpful in finding me the right size tires plus the price was within my budget. If you need tires go see Marty, he will save you money. The best price in town. Thank Marty. All staff was very friendly and helpful. Go see Marty.

Joel K

* * * * * Reviewed January 18, 2017

Great service and good prices. Brought my SUV in to talk about getting new tires, but didn't want to spend a thousand bucks for tires. They gave me different choices and were helping find a decent tire and price. We decided on a Goodyear tire that was on sale and a better quality than another possibility. He said for the $50 more, it's a good upgrade from the other choice, plus they'd be able to put them on right then! So we decided to go for it and they had them on in an hour. Gave us time to walk and get a haircut and a burrito at the nearby strip mall. Would recommend these guys.

Byron Chalfont

* Reviewed November 23, 2017

Charged me for an install they couldn't complete. Put the tires inside my car and told me to go somewhere else. No refund of charges already paid. Beware!

Chris Mosesman

* * * * * Reviewed October 3, 2017

Outstanding service. Very helpful and friendly environment