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Brett Fox

* * * * * Reviewed November 23, 2016

Honest mechanic who never tries to sell you anything you don't need. That's hard to find these days. Been a loyal customer for many years.

summer fowler

* Reviewed October 20, 2015

I brought my car to Toby and told Toby that my car was running rough and it would jump when I put it in gear and it had a oil leak. Toby told me that I needed a Front motor mount and a complete tuneup and an oil pan gasket . That was a Motor mount and spark plugs, plug wires distributor cap and distributor button and he would do an oil change and put a new air filter and fuel filter in my car in which my car is a1999 Dodge neon. So when my car was done Toby called me and told me it was ready so I came down to get my car and Toby told me that I would smell a lot of oil but it would go away in a couple days. But Toby reinsured me that all my problems were fixed and then I had a really nice car and that I took good care of my car. The next day my car blew up. There was no oil in my car. In the really bad part about it is that I'm a single mom and I have three kids and I was on my way to take one of my kids to school when my car just stopped running. I just cried and I called my boyfriend to come pick me up. So i called Toby and told Toby about my car not running anymore and there was no oil in it. And if he could help me fix it. Toby told me he couldn't take a look at it because he was booked up in he had too much work in the next available appointment he would have in a couple months from now. I told him that I believe that his shop caused the problem of my car because it didn't have any oil in it. Toby became irate and told me to prove it. I had my car towed to another shop and they told me that the Motor was blown. I just cried!!! My poor 70-year-old grandpa had to buy me a used car because I didn't have the money to get another one. And I almost lost my job because of Toby. Toby is a evil person a con artist! Please beware of Toby he will rip you off. Toby you are A evil man!!! But that's all right Toby you will have your day Some day for robbing and deceiving people. You are a evil mean human being!!! Thank God for my grandpa!!! You should be ashamed of yourself Toby!!!

James Williams

* * * * * Reviewed April 13, 2016

My car did't want to start this morning. After coaxing it to turn over, I took it to Toby. Within 1 hour he had the car diagnosed, repaired and wiped down the block for me too! reasonable fee, and, nice guys. I will be back!

Michael Burroughs

* * * * * Reviewed February 26, 2017

Honest, Reasonable Rates ,full service

Dana Fowler

* Reviewed September 14, 2015

I paid Toby $630 To do a complete tuneup and change out my valve cover gasket on my Mitsubishi GT 2002 eclipse!!! When I came to pick up my car the dipstick to check my oil was broke. When I got home I noticed the molding on the bottom of the car on the passenger side was popped out. And there was a part that they tighten down to tight and broke the screw off in the molding. And my car is still leaking oil and acts like it's going to shut off when I come to a stop. I brought my car back to Toby and told him about the issues. He fixed the part where they had broke the screw off in the molding and got really defensive and wanted to argue when I told him that the car was still leaking oil and running poorly and had oil in my spark plug well. My car was running better before I took it to Toby's automotive!!! So please don't take your car to Toby's automotive!!! Now I got to fork out another $600 or $700 to have it fixed!!!! Thank you very much Toby!!! I really appreciate you ripping me off!!! (Yes you Toby you ripped me off) !!!! I hope you go out of business!!!