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Recent Reviews

thonchai lioy

* Reviewed September 8, 2018

After replacing the whole brake system on my truck and doing an ok price, I figured I'd let them look at my vehicle again. I told them the radiator fan was stuck in the on position and it was draining the battery and for some reason if you turn on the a/c, it immediately idles bad and wants to shut off. Then to repair a small oil leak. I said I already replaced the fan relay and temp sensor thinking that would fix it, but it didn't. I dropped of my truck at 8:30am. I call at 1pm and they tell me the battery is dead after leaving it sit for 4 hours with the fan running. The guy working on my truck says he thinks it's the computer gone bad but will have to jump start it, check my vehicle and call me as soon as he knows what's wrong. So I have to call at 4:30 and the shop says the guy working on my truck is gone. I arrive to pick up my truck (in the down pouring rain) trying to jump start my truck only to realize they removed the relay and it was left somewhere in the shop. Nothing was done to my truck at all. If I could give a negative 10, I would! I will never go back to them again! 😤

David Thai

* * * * * Reviewed June 6, 2018

Eli was extremely helpful, and very straightforward. He talked me through the work that I needed on my car, and didn't pressure me into paying for anything that wasn't imperative to my car's performance. I came in, got a lot of work done for a good price, and left knowing my car was serviced with great care. From now on, I'll be coming back to this shop for all my car needs.


* Reviewed July 2, 2018

took my car in just for an oil seal otherwise my car run perfect condition.mechanic never call me.I call to find out they couldn't get my car started.was clueless on fixing it.taking this matter further you've been warned!!!!!

Joshua Harakal

* * * * * Reviewed May 15, 2018

Good customer service, the owner was very helpful and made sure i got everything i needed at the best price. Good place to go for tires or car maintenance.

Lorin WIlliams

* * * * * Reviewed August 2, 2018

The Guy working here was amazing!!! Told me straight up yes or no, to the point and friendly towards my baby