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James Skala

* * * * * Reviewed February 28, 2018

Pulled up, got two used tires and all 4 tires mounted and balanced for a very good price. Check these guys out, they are efficient and very affordable. I was there maybe 20 minutes and back on the road with no issues.

Virginia Irving

* Reviewed February 1, 2018

Worse place ever. Sold me a decent used tire but two days later it was flat. Took it in and they plugged it for free. A month later it has gone completely flat. Never going here again

April Cavallaro

* Reviewed January 15, 2018

The new tires I bought there were okay until a week latter.. & the mechainc that works there Shane or Shawn I think is the name called me & told me that he didn't wanna fix the part I needed to be done. I said okay & not to worry about it, but he did not listen to me at all & still went on & continued to did it anyways. The part is messed up now & they made me pay for what I needed to be done & gues what? Wont fix it now. Ha, what a funny joke this place is y'all "mechanics" like to rip girls off & seem to get a kick outta it. Terrible customer service from the "manager" that works there. Multipule perverted men that work there in the office as well. I will never refer someone to go there, nor will I ever go back.

Nancy Elliott

* * * * * Reviewed July 25, 2017

Been going here for years. Had him check my tire for any leaks before a road trip. He didn't charge me to look for a leak in my tire. He stated that there wasn't a leak in the tire. I'll go to him for all my car needs. Best prices I found for my tires, alignments and everything else I need to keep my car running. He did an alignment for me and rechecked it 2 years late. Great service and not corporate America. Mom and Pop business.

Richard Woody

* * * * Reviewed December 9, 2017

After having moved I needed to find another used tire shop. This is it. Good prices. Fast service and nice staff.