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Michelle Owens

* * * * * Reviewed March 7, 2018

Awesome customer service! The first time I used this company I had a flat tire. They not only had me in and out so I could get to work, it was also very affordable. Which is why I returned and again had the same experience. I came in for an oil change but got much more. For the same price of an oil change Todd had them check the battery, brakes, and rotated the tires. One of the reasons I love living in Plant City is because companies like this and their employees.

Monique Diaz

* * * * * Reviewed February 7, 2018

Great customer service!! The young man at the counter took his time and helped me find tires that were great and reasonable in price. He also made a point to help another elderly customer find her car that was actually at another place. Once my car was done he checked it again to make sure everything was in order. Will definitely go back!!

Carla Iyer

* * * * * Reviewed February 12, 2018

Tire Choice/McGee Auto Service are the best and only place to take your vehicle. Todd the manager is very professional, courteous and always helpful and informative. They are reasonable and get your vehicle completed fast accurate. Don't waste your time and money going anywhere else.

Alexander Crowley

* * * * * Reviewed December 6, 2017

A Christmas Miracle. These are the best mechanics in the area, if not the state, hands down. I was driving long distance when all of a sudden my emergency brake light came on, I pulled over, looked under my car and to my surprise a huge puddle of brake fluid had formed under the car. I looked around for the closest repair shop, and luckily stumbled upon Tire Choice in Plant City. My car was immediately inspected and the professionals at Tire Choice diagnosed the problem. Customer associate Matt was helpful, informative, and laid out the plans to fix my car. They clearly show you the options available to you to fix the problem, and also the prices as well. Being between my next paycheck and also just moving, I exclaimed how I only had a finite amount of money to fix the problem. I was assured that the mechanics at Tire Choice could work with me for that price and proceed to work on my car. Long story short, they not only did the work promised, but even MORE, all within the price range promised beforehand. Having negative interactions with mechanics in the past, I was truly astonished. For honest, professional, and pristine work on your vehicle, I would recommend Tire Choice to any and everyone. It ended up truly being a "Christmas Miracle".

Brenda Flanagan

* Reviewed February 1, 2018

Walked into the store it started as a nice atmosphere until a young man named Julian asked if he could help me after that my visit went downhill fast because he was more interested in his cellphone and whoever was on the other end I'm sorry but at the front desk is not the time and place for that then the manager came out apologizing but he helped me as much as the young man because it was his time to leave I guess because within one minute of me trying to get help by him he literally just walked away from me as I was asking for a price on tires at this point I had felt like they did not care to sell me tires so I went across the street to tire kingdom where I bought a very nice set of Michelin tires for my dodge stratus and they were even nice enough to check my alignment and go out of their way unlike the tire choice will most definitely not be back I would strongly suggest tire kingdom over them over there they go out of their way for you