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Mark Fisher

* * * * * Reviewed July 31, 2017

Was new to the area 1 year ago and used them for my dump truck for work. Did a great job, now the have my fleet business and personal vehicles and all tires. Nice people to work with

Clint Pittman

* Reviewed September 7, 2017

I had a horrible experience with this place they treat their customers terrible and they will rip you off right in front of your face and the owner will allow every bit of it the owner also allows his employees to talk to his customers any kind of way they feel like cursing for an example as Tim told me to kiss his ass because I was trying to confront him in front of the owner of a new $400 bill that was created without my consent, not to mention the car still wasn't fixed. Tim proceeded to lie right in front of my face right in front of the owner Dana as Dana sits back with no CLUE As To what's going on.. Dana says look man what will make you happy and I said for you to do the work on my vehicles that I've already pre-paid you for which is an exhaust on my truck and a extra cooling fan then I said and don't worry about the car I'll get it fixed elsewhere, so Dina proceeds to tell me OK have your truck here Monday morning we open at eight I said OK the very next day was Saturday I got a call from Dana Dana said hey man listen I was just going over thehours I've got invested in your BMW and it's over 15 hours so you can have one of the two things I OU for your truck you can either take your exhaust or the cooling fan but you can't have both.. With that being said I guess you guys can decide for yourself if you want to take your car to someone that's not truthful that's up to you just sharing my experience with everyone because it's not right to try and take someone's money....And I swear I've got almost $600 invested into my BMW and it still doing the exact same thing it was doing when I drop it off still leaking water and I still got the spider in it with the cylinder two misfire so with that being said I write this place is zero have a good day

Douglas Chirinos

* * * * * Reviewed May 15, 2017

Tim and Josh were amazing ! Worked together to custom build my quad exhaust system on my mercedes. Josh is very knowledabge and I would trust him with any high end car for exhaust work. Tim and his crew offer competitive pricing for amazing work. Went back to get a resonator put on to ease the straight pipe loudness and got in and out with an appointment and a great price ! Thank you guys again for all the work you did A+++++

Adam Nogle

* * * * * Reviewed April 25, 2017

I needed some brake work done on my 2003 Ford Ranger. The staff was very friendly and helpful. My truck was ready the next morning and I was very pleasantly surprised with the Bill.

jenn Rodriguez

* * * * * Reviewed June 12, 2017

Tim is the best. From one business owner to another he's a great guy