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Happy Vegan

* * * * * Reviewed December 30, 2017

The guys at Tuffy's are amazing. Usually, women get treated differently at auto mechanic shops. That isn't the case at Tuffy Tire in Port Charlotte. I took my vehicle to them to check out an ABS issue it was having. They took a look and knew right away what the problem was. The best part is that it wasn't going to cost four figures to repair (like another shop nearby wanted). Nor did they try up-selling me anything. Impressed with the quickness of the diagnosis and repair, I came back a week later and purchased a new set of tires. They deserved the business and I am happy to have found out about them. Thank you for your kindness.

Mark Richards

* * * * * Reviewed February 6, 2018

This is the best place I know of for honest repairs and advice. Chuck, at the front desk, is awesome with advice, taking care of business and people. They have saved my family thousands. We have had dealers quote $1200+ and they fix it for $500. The waiting area is clean, with TV, assorted magazines, and even an expresso machine for free. They are prompt on service and getting you in and out.

Page Estes

* * * * * Reviewed February 13, 2018

Chuck at Tuffy is the greatest!!! He wont sell you anything you dont need, and is a wealth of knowledge in every aspect! Tuffy is my go to place for all of our vehicles, the prices are fair and the customer service is EXCELLENT!!!

Joey Potts

* Reviewed February 11, 2018

I can change Oil better than these Guys lol! They put Oil in but didn't change the Filter. A Monkey could know how to change Oil if you teach it lol.

Renee Olah

* * * * * Reviewed January 31, 2018

Very nice people professional and so understanding on your finacial situation. They applied coupons for me that i didnt have or know of. My car needed a little more work than originally thought and he didnt over charge me for the extra work. Im so impressed and will always come back for all my car needs! I had both breaks fixed, 4 new tires, oil change and over all routine check on everything. Didnt try to sell me anything i didnt need. Great place!! You can trust them!