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Laurie Rogers

* * * * * Reviewed November 4, 2017

I just went to Gonzales tires because my car was shimmying and shaking and veering terribly while driving down the road. I spoke with Jorge and the other gentleman that work for him. They took such good care of me gave me the best looking used tires that I could have asked for. Their prices are very reasonable and competitive. They treated me kindly and patiently even though I showed up after they were closed for the weekend. They went above and beyond for me and I didn't get out of there until 5:25 on a Saturday night. I can't thank them enough. I drive my car on the highway constantly and the metal was showing on my tires. My life was in danger and if it weren't for Gonzalez Tires staying open, treating me nicely and patiently, and there's and they're great prices I probably would have got into a bad accident on my way two and a half hours North. Thank you Gonzalez Tires.!!


* * * * * Reviewed November 4, 2017

Awesome! Great people, fast service and great prices. I needed a tire and got a used one that was good as new. He goes above and beyond. I'll definitely go back.

star Gonzalez

* * * * * Reviewed October 28, 2017

Very nice place and really good people good prices and fast service I love it

Joseph M

* * * * Reviewed September 16, 2017

Cheap good quality used tires.. they didnt have my size but deffinatly will go again.

Joan Freidel

* * * * Reviewed January 3, 2018

Buying tires and repairs to tires for years. Will continue to do so in the future.