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Emma L

* * * * * Reviewed February 6, 2018

I had a flat tire and showed up at The Tire Choice with my donut on. The crew at this facility was so great. They got me in right away, provided fast service and Mike took the time to talk with my Dad and I about my tires and answer questions. Thanks Tire Choice!

Lisa Charest

* * * * * Reviewed January 18, 2018

My teenage Daughter ran over a curb while trying to park- getting flustered she didn't know why the tire was low on air and was super worried she hurt the car.. I sent her to the Tire Choice and John Goss was there to help her! He showed her about tires how pressure is checked and then helped fill the tire with air.. How can you rate building your teenagers confidence with just 5 stars- Thanks John for the great lesson and thanks for being my GO-To tire store for all my vehicles! I highly recommend this store!

Jennifer Singh

* * * * * Reviewed January 10, 2018

Wonderful service and very kind staff. Had to take my car here because it stalled out but was under warranty. They were so nice and efficient, I will bring my car here for future maintenance. Thank you, guys!

Jason Dixon

* * * * * Reviewed February 19, 2018

This shop does excellent work. I bring both of my vehicles here. Very fast turn around with repairs and very efficient.


* * * * Reviewed October 6, 2017

Good place, look for coupons on oil changes, radiator flush etc. They do a nice inspection of the vehicle to but that is to up-sell.... And that is the reason why I am not giving 5 stars is because the last two times they tried to sell me the power steering flush for $ 100+ which was really not needed (the reservoir is dirty but the oil / fluid in it is clean). I had their tire rotation and balancing once and they did a super job!