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* * * * Reviewed October 6, 2017

Good place, look for coupons on oil changes, radiator flush etc. They do a nice inspection of the vehicle to but that is to up-sell.... And that is the reason why I am not giving 5 stars is because the last two times they tried to sell me the power steering flush for $ 100+ which was really not needed (the reservoir is dirty but the oil / fluid in it is clean). I had their tire rotation and balancing once and they did a super job!

jonah rehak

* Reviewed October 30, 2017

Took my girlfriends Jeep in for breaks and rotors for $350.. Not a bad price, Michael the manager calls back a few hours later and tells us its going to be an additional $500 to replace the calipers.. $850 total for rear breaks, rotors and calibers. Called 6 other shops including a family friend and all prices were no were near $850 for just rear breaks, rotors and calibers. Called back and spoke with Michael again and he stated all 6 shops were wrong and we were wrong. Poor customer service and WAY over priced. Stay away from this shop!

Caitlin Carr

* Reviewed October 30, 2017

Received a reasonable price to fix my rear brakes for 350. Then once they had that fixed they wanted to ad on another 500 dollars for another part, the calipers. This price sounded ridiculous so I called a few other places and a family friend. All of them gave me a ballpark range of 400 - 450 total for replacing all parts plus the calipers. They were definitely trying to rob me and at this point I felt stuck since they had already fixed the brakes. I would never ever even think of going back to these scam artist and will definitely warn others to not trust these people. They told me I was wrong and getting wrong quotes. This business is unreasonable and will try to take advantage of your wallet.

Cris Peterson

* * * * * Reviewed November 9, 2017

Awesome Service as always and Mike is great to work with and his team. I have had many vehicles serviced by them.

Genevieve Maples

* * * * * Reviewed December 28, 2016

Very courteous, prompt tire service, I'm new to the area and will use them for all my auto service needs! Thanks John for all the info!