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Recent Reviews

Kelly Kelly

* * * * * Reviewed January 10, 2018

Very good customer service and reasonable prices!!

CLiss Hz

* * * * * Reviewed September 8, 2017

So helpful and streess free car shopping... Ask for Dany he's great well it doesn't matter they're all awesome.

Emanuel Ortega

* Reviewed June 24, 2017

If you want to get rip off please buy from them. They will turn off the check engine light for the first 3 months. They do not clean their vehicles properly. Make sure you check the vehicle completely before driving off the lot, once off the lot they are completely useless. They are borderline scammers, calling you to state you're behind a payment, even if you aren't. Their excuse is to keep you ahead by a payment, which makes no sense at all. The bookkeeper must be mentally challenged and does not know her numbers in english or Spanish. And David, don't let me get started on this incompetent fool! He wants to be Mr.Papi shampoo, Bruh! the only reason you still have this job is because your daddy owns it.

Claudia Ramos

* * * * Reviewed November 5, 2017

Friendly and helpful people...

Lili Montesino

* Reviewed June 1, 2016

I just bought a truck from them & had to take it back for service because the tail lights was out. The truck wasn't serviced like they originally stated. High millage & the prices are wayyy to high. Like all buy here pay here all they want is your money.