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Keith Link

* * * * Reviewed November 21, 2017

Guy at the front desk was nice and a speedy turn around. Waiting rooms a little boring, so not a place you'd want to sit around. Also almost got taken down in the parting lot by one of the techs in a customer's car.

Desiree Kinney

* Reviewed June 5, 2017

Went in for a quick tire patch at this business. While I waited 45 minutes to get started , a technician approaches and tells me he is ready. I ask him to please be careful with my wheel and don't scratch it. He told me "not a problem". The technician not only lost my original valve stem caps but SCRATCHED my wheel. This business hires people who can be fast not people who care about other peoples property. I also bought my technician a red bull because he told me he was careful. What a lie I was told and I wanted that red bull too. My friends and family from here on out will never spend our hard earned money and bring our cars for service at this place of business ever again. (Update)** Randy the store manager is reaching out to me to make things right and I respect this.**

chris sullivan

* * * * Reviewed August 17, 2017

Been coming here for years, always friendly, always reasonable. They let you know what needs attention right away and what can wait, especially good for me and my older, high mileage cars.

Mike Seymour

* * * * * Reviewed December 21, 2017

The employees were nice and had me back on the road within an hour.

Mitchell Roberts

* * * Reviewed March 10, 2017

Completely satisfied until I got into my vehicle. Just some context, I try to find the cheapest oil changes in my area from a quality repair shop so I can avoid the hassle of getting dirty, and getting on my back to do my own oil change. While I don't expect perfection, it is just an oil change and I would expect your mechanics to not leave grease and dirt everywhere they touch on my vehicle. My truck certainly did not go in clean, however, the door handle, outer door, inner door panel, inner door handle, steering wheel, door step, top of hood, hood latch, oil dip stick, and the oil cap were all dirtier than when it went in and I found myself with black hands just after touching my steering wheel. I keep these things clean so mechanics who perform regular maintenance on my vehicle, including myself, have an easier time. Further, the new oil filter they put in was already dripping with oil, and the bottom of my oil pan near the plug had oil on it. It had some soaked in oil before, but this was clearly dripped during installation. Take two seconds and use a rag, is the owner being stingy with rags? Do you not see the benefit of cleaning the oil off so the customer doesn't think you put the filter in loose, i.e. now there's a possibility they come in to waste your time? I'm writing a lot here to explain a small issue, but this stuff really should be common sense when you want to beat competition.