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Legal Eagle 2016

* * * * * Reviewed August 13, 2018

My family and I are long term customers of Tuffy in Lynn Haven, FL, so when my fiancé and I experienced care trouble while vacationing in Sarasota, I immediately searched for the nearest local Tuffy in the area. I was not disappointed: Glen and the staff at Tuffy provided fair, honest, efficient and friendly service! The issue with our vehicle was accurately identified and repaired and we continued our vacation with no more car problems. Thank you guys for saving the day.

Karen Ovadia

* * * * * Reviewed August 11, 2018

Great service! I had a lot of issues with my Fiat and Glenn and his team were great to deal with. It's nice to know there are honest mechanics around!

Lydia Oddie

* Reviewed August 21, 2018

I dropped my car off to have oil changed while I took my husband to the doctor, when we returned I was informed the the oil cap broke,had the car for 3 days costing me over $600.00. When I got in the car I still had the low tire pressure light on & my car engine was very loud with horrible vibration. Took my car back again, it took another day to fix that. Now I get into car & oil change required light and hazard light for engine malfunction light were on. How can a mechanic test drive a car and not notice that?i had dirty grease marks on car,the front bumper had all kinds of nicks from mechanics working on engine and not covering it. I did not feel like I should have been charged for them breaking parts and then charge me to fix it. I will never go back there & could not recommend Tuffy’s.

joe white

* * * * * Reviewed May 3, 2018

Had problems with my transmission not shifting. Called and they told me to come right in and they would look at it. I was thinking it was going to take big $$$$$$. Brought it in and they were very helpful. Something had happened to my gear shift. They found it and fixed it for very little. They could have taken me for lots of money I was willing to pay. But they took care of me and the vehicle runs great and the price and people were too.

Donna Wunderlich-Jenkins

* * * * * Reviewed June 23, 2018

Trustworthy. Helpful. Knowledgeable. Old school values, old school prices. I recommend to everyone.