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* Reviewed August 27, 2017

An utter disaster from start to finish. It took them 3 whole days to diagnose and then not fix a very simple problem. If you want to deal with rude, incompetent, useless people who slam the phone down on you and then lie repeatedly then take your vehicle here. Please please stay as far away from this garage as you can and give it a wide berth. Instead, go to nearby Automotive Service Garage who are polite, courteous and can diagnose the problem in a matter of minutes (I was astounded how good their service was and they were rather embarrassed about how poor the effort was to try and fix it by Brian's Auto). Brian's Auto in short, is an absolute horror show.

Edward Layhew

* * * * * Reviewed August 29, 2017

I would like to say that the review from jay is a bit off from the truth as I was the one having brian work on my car that jay was wanting to purchase. ive know brian for a number of years and is a good automotive tech. jay was so impatient on getting the car that before brian was finished with the work I told him to just leave it undone so jay could have another garage look at the car. in short brian finished his work and the car is now running great! jay really had no right even contacting brian as it wasn't "his" car there being serviced.

Carly Torman

* * * * * Reviewed January 24, 2017

I have been going to Brian and his amazing crew of very nice, HONEST, and professional people for probably @ least 10 years, and I've never left there disappointed or unsatisfied. I would, (and do) recommend them to all of my friends and anyone I know that needs good quality work done on their vehicle. Most places will tell you that you need this, this, and , this, only to get your hard earned money. Well i can honestly say I've never felt like i was being taken advantage of, or being lied to, or mislead in ANY way, And that, to me personally, is a BIG thing! So 2 thumbs up for Brian and his wonderful crew!! Thanks for all you guys are, and all the hard work you do!!

Marilyn Hutchins

* * * * Reviewed December 13, 2017

Work was excellent. Job well done.

Jim Dawson

* * * * * Reviewed July 9, 2017

Great people. Helpful, clear information about what your car needs.