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Recent Reviews

Landry Walsh

* Reviewed May 11, 2017

I had a strange experience here as well. I pulled up to the garage door after discovering a nail in my tire after leaving the Chamber of Commerce. A man came running out yelling at me saying I could not park there, saying he had to many cars to work on... Okayyyy! I left! Driven past this place for 12 years now, I will continue to do the same. Not going back!

Megan Nickelsen

* Reviewed January 9, 2017

Got into a horrible accident and the owner decides to lecture me(a grown woman) about how I shouldn't have left the keys in the car while I was in the ambulance. Then he goes on to assume the accident was my fault because I drive a sports car and I am a young woman. The customer experience was horrible, if I had a choice in the matter I would have NEVER gone there.

Ronald Fuenmayor

* Reviewed December 11, 2016

Super BAD experience, this people its rude, theft the customer!!!! Dont back never a this bussiness, and recommend dont go to the bussiness

Nino Money

* Reviewed September 16, 2016

Worst towing company ever .... They charge way to much ... And do not appreciate that im trying to do business. Like that a guy hop on the pone and started to curse at me and stright up hong up on me . i dont think thats how customer should be treated ... A mannager should be on top of this. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

john grieves

* Reviewed April 11, 2016

Very very pool service. Dirty shop and the work is the same. $1600.00 and Ac still not working right. Took car back and they said they found a bad hose. When Said I wouldn't pay more they said t pick up car and never come back. Even with so called new hose it still doesn't funktion right. They also broke a Ac feint. They used so much glue it couldn't be used. Had to order new dash panel. Save your self a lot of trouble and get your work done by a real repair shop.