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Luis N Liz Santiago

* Reviewed June 28, 2018

I am disappoint of the shady work that was done when getting my tires changed. I walked in asking for a specific size of tire and great, they were the go to people because no one else had them. I get there and they are polite and professional. I told them that both of the front tires needed to be changed because they were bad tires and they were the wrong size for the car. They changed the tires out and charmed me with the discount. I came to realize on my way back home to Lakeland that they rotated one of my bad tires that is the wrong size to the rear and removed one of my good tires. Now I have a smaller tire and damaged tire in the back I live far away and I had my family with me. I think they need more knowledge in changing tires and sizes because they totally messed mine up. I don’t recommend this place for the crappy job but if you do go here I certainly recommend that anyone that gets tires from this place check all their tires because they are shady.

Jane Sobotta

* * * * * Reviewed March 21, 2018

I highly recommend Tire World! Patty and the entire staff are very friendly, and knowledgeable on all types of vehicles. The mechanics provide top quality car repair and maintenance on all of our vehicles. We always receive great service and the best prices.

Tony Krol

* * * * * Reviewed June 28, 2018

Honestly couldn't be happier with Tire World. Had a hydro locked engine due to a torrential Tampa flash downpour. Scion Air filter sucked up water. They negotiated with my insurance company, placed a BRAND NEW engine in my car (which they allowed me to purchase and have shipped from California) and they changed the clutch while the engine was out. The only thing I had to pay for outside of insurance was the parts for the clutch, a fouled injector, coil and some plugs. Purrs like a kitten now!

Tom Gause

* * * * * Reviewed May 12, 2018

A few weeks ago, I had the tires replaced on my car. As I was paying for that service, I was informed that I also needed to have something called a right camber kit (or something like that) installed, as well. When the mechanic took the car for a drive, he said the car was pulling slightly to the right. I informed them that I would return later to have the kit installed, after we returned from a long road trip we were taking. Earlier this week, I took the car back to have the camber kit installed. I was told it would cost approximately $90. I waited the 1-2 hours for the car to be completed, and received a call from Patty telling me the camber kit they thought needed to be installed didn’t. For some reason, the car wasn’t pulling to the right anymore. We suspected maybe the road trip somehow resolved the pulling. In any case, no camber kit was needed. Now here’s the thing: Could they have said they installed the camber kit and charged me for it? Sure. Would I have known if they actually installed the kit? No. Frankly, I wouldn’t know a camber kit if it came up and bit me on the ass. They could have easily lied to my face, charged me for something they didn’t do, and I wouldn’t have known the difference. But they didn’t. When you stand at the front desk, look to the right. On the wall is a big sign. Read it. It is their commitment to quality and to being an honest and reputable shop. And on this day, they proved that to me. They demonstrated their commitment being honest and upfront. They showed a characteristic that some other mechanics in this town don’t. Something that is lacking in our society. Namely, integrity. And for this reason, I will continue to use Tire World for my car’s repairs.

Mary Leonard

* * * * * Reviewed February 11, 2018

This place has great prices on quality products! The customer service is wonderful also. I purchased 2 brand-new tires from here thus far and I'm very pleased. The tires were ordered friday, they arrived Saturday and at 8am Monday morning they were being installed. Couldn't be more pleased.