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Recent Reviews

Edward Isin

* * * * Reviewed December 8, 2017

Brian really helpful. They say what they mean and mean what they say. The keep their commitment.... Very satisfied.

Daryl Wilson

* * * * * Reviewed July 20, 2017

5/5 stars for this place. Brought my Jeep Rubicon in for an engine repair after months of battling with stealerships. Brian and his guys took real good care of it and made sure to not screw me over. Talk to Brian and he'll be sure to not to give you the run around and will do whatever it takes to make sure to fix the problem. He cut me some great deals because of how much I already spent on my engine. Thanks guys.

Philip Charlton

* * * * * Reviewed May 19, 2017

Absolutely fantastic, I needed a lot of work done on my car, brakes, 4 tires, Air Conditioner, and battery. They fixed everything in a short amount of time, and they proactively helped me with the price no haggling needed. I will definitely be taking my car back there for future servicing.

Roger Pinheiro

* Reviewed August 18, 2017

NEVER Do business with tuffy's specifically if you are a female. They charge you for a service and put makeup on repair to SCAM you. MANAGER has a bad attitude with customer. Disrespectful to clients in public. ZERO STARS.

T Rich

* * * * Reviewed October 4, 2017

Quick service. Good prices.