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Recent Reviews

Chris Wiegand

* * * * * Reviewed August 27, 2018

Fernando is the man! Been here a couple of times now and he always works hard to get you in and out as quickly as possible! Good prices and even better service!

J Linette

* Reviewed August 9, 2018

My personal first time going to this shop and I won’t be back. My husband has always had good service going up there and dealing with the two main gentleman there, but today this kid they got helping up there misplaced our lugnut and he almost stripped the rest putting them back on. I know people have to learn but bruh don’t lie about my car. I sat there and watched him take the tire off and didn’t get up until it was time to pay. He acted like he didn’t hear me at first when I said aye you missing one of my lugnuts, but when my husband said it he held up his hads and said “I swear it was only 4 lugnuts.” Then had a side bar with the other guy to corroborate his story like he was actually there the entire time. Umm no! I have pictures that say you got my lugnut, but it’s cool NEVER AGAIN!!! Don’t let that kid touch you car. He will mess your car up.

shaki brooks

* * * * * Reviewed March 25, 2018

Bought new wheels from somewhere else and they didn't fit ; Fernando let me come in last minute and got all 4 of my tires in order . Very helpful, very empathetic .. Made what could have been a stressful ordeal just a bit less stressful. I will be coming back for all car troubles !

Dom Pitt

* * * * * Reviewed May 16, 2018

Friendly. Only a minor wait and a great repair.

Ellen Pride

* Reviewed February 16, 2018

Becareful who does your tire here because they striped our lug nuts. Due to the guy doing the tire playing with his speaker and phone with his music not paying attention