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Recent Reviews

Michael Townsend

* * * * * Reviewed May 25, 2018

The best shop I have ever used. I highly recommend them

Troy Dean

* * * * * Reviewed October 9, 2017

Mario is a good fair mechanic,thanks to him I get many miles out of my vehicles

Arika Ball

* * * * Reviewed June 1, 2017

Bought my VW Passat from this car lot. Not to sure how the repair there vehicles. I know that my car came from an action . I know they replace the transmission in my Passat so the manual part of my automatic does not work. I was sold the car with a completely dead battery to the point where I had to get a jump every morning. Not cool on there part . They could of at least put a different one in the VW. Considering the amount I paid for the car which was reasonable. But had to get a jump for two months .due to not being able to throw $127. On a battery. The window regulator went out in the driver door a month after buying as well. Just do your homework on there vehicles an I'm sure you will be happy with your purchase

Jason Hartgrave

* * * * * Reviewed December 14, 2016

I'm really a skeptic when it comes to buying used cars, and Luis turned me into a true believer with completely over the top customer service and honesty. I just bought an Acura 2003 RL with low mileage in near mint condition and I drove from Naples to get it. Turned out after I bought the car there was a slight mechanical issue that I wanted taken care of. He sends his son down (2HR+ drive), picks up the car, gives me a loaner and then handles everything, even when I bought the car AS-IS. This is not a typical buy here, pay here kind of guy, Luis is the real deal that actually treats you right and does the right thing. I would send everyone I know that wants a good deal on a used car to this guy without hesitation. I have never had a better car buying experience in my life.

Shannon Parslow

* * * * * Reviewed February 25, 2018

Awesome cars awesome prices