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Recent Reviews

Crystal P.

* * * * * Reviewed August 31, 2018

Today I came to Oly’s at 11:30PM and was greeted by the staff who were enjoying the night, as happy as can be which made us smile as well. They were able to fix a hole in my tire for the fairest price in only a couple of minutes. By far the best tire service I’ve ever had!!! Trust them, they know their stuff. They are my go to for tire help.

Alexys Daye

* * * * * Reviewed November 30, 2018

Always available during non-business hours. Always friendly and fast. I appreciate you guys

Virgos Love

* * * * * Reviewed July 29, 2018

The owner of this shop is definitely for the people. He's down to earth. Great customer service from all his staff. And to be quite honest, I've yet to see anywhere with cheaper prices. I recommend this place to any and everyone.

Joan Williams

* * * * Reviewed September 30, 2018

Had to a tire change after my AAA tow to the shop. They were able to remove my stripped lug nut. Emergency purchase of a used tire. Kind & courteous staff. Worked really fast.

Noël Barnes

* * * * Reviewed July 8, 2018

Open 24 hours, they were very helpful however if you don't have a receipt and your tire pops you are not able to redeem your warranty on the tire. I didn't like how they did not communicate that with you, with the exception of a few small signage. I would have liked to be informed more. Other than that they have always been helpful with great prices