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Mallory McLean

* * Reviewed September 16, 2017

Purchased 4 new tires. After 3 days, 1 was completely flat. No big deal... brought it in- they looked at it and claimed nothing was wrong with the tire. 2 days later, tire is flat again. Called and they said to bring it in... at this point I don't want the tire. Sadly, I was required to be visibly annoyed for them to take this seriously. Magicly 5 minutes later they discover that the valve is a problem. Major inconvenience for a working individual that can't keep wasting time bringing their cars to a tire place.

Marie Williams

* Reviewed June 11, 2017

Very bad business, I would not recommend this place at all, snotty attitudes, take a vehicle apart before asking just so they can seal the deal on you paying for the labor, then mess with the parts on purpose just so they can charge you to fix something when all they have to do is tighten something and say oh that you needed this or that or new parts and charge you tons. They are scammers

Rog Pics

* * * * Reviewed March 9, 2017

Pretty good tire store. I was not over the moon with the service, but the staff seems knowledgable and honest.


* * * * * Reviewed February 1, 2016

A little pricey but worth it for the quality of work they do. Definitely one of the few better shops around the area. Had been there previously for tires, and they have great prices with good warranties on them. Went in with my 05 mazda 6 and got my pads, rotors, oil changed, coolant flushed and thermostat replaced. This was the first time I was able to have work done on the car since I bought it, so I definitely needed to catch up on some maintenance. Crew was professional, knowledgeable, and good to talk to. They were able to shuttle me home as well since it was going to take a while to get everything done. THAT was cool. Anyone who complains about a 29.99 oil change with decent oil needs to do it themselves. Avoid the big chains around here, they'll really try to take advantage of you. 5/5

glen mc

* * * * * Reviewed March 5, 2016

I called at the last minute and was immediately reassured that they could assist with my truck problems. I got there early on a Saturday and was warmly greeted and again assured that they could assist me. Turns out to be a minor problem and it was dealt with quickly, for a very reasonable price. As I was over 2000 miles from home their assistance was very reassuring This store is a gem, with very knowledgeable and friendly staff, and I heartily recommend it. Thanks! Glen