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Deborah Foister

* * * * Reviewed January 28, 2018

Very friendly crew. Can usually drop your car off to be checked out somewhat quickly. Good hours...7am to 7pm weekdays. The hours work well for me. Shorter hours on weekends. They can do diagnostics if needed. They do have Tires. Tires on diplay in the lobby. With that said, I have never had anyone ask me about or suggest tires to me.

Pat Sanders

* * * * * Reviewed December 5, 2017

Scott is a great manager. He is always so friendly and helpful. I love the fact that he will help me evaluate what needs to be done immediately and what things I can wait to get fixed and also gauge how soon to complete these things.

Carl James

* * * * * Reviewed January 23, 2018

Kyle was very helpful , only needed lug nuts loosened ,he just stepped up and did it nice to find such helpful people.will definitely check them out for new tires when needed, thanks again .

Zachary Garrett

* * * Reviewed October 15, 2017

I stopped by this morning to get a new tire put on a rim. I already had it off my car and they didn't have to put it back on my car. Just put a new tire on the rim. They were very speedy doing so, as they should be for taking advantage of my situation. Charging me $140 for one tire, that lists online for about $60. Granted it's not shipped, mounted or balanced. So i guess that's a fair price? The price of a single tire should be more than double after all those extras.

Jerry Mohr

* * * * * Reviewed January 17, 2018

Scott is a highly personable manager. He runs a highly effective operation. Always honest.