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Connor Emerton

* * * * * Reviewed October 25, 2017

These guys are always friendly and professional. I think Discount Tire is the largest tire retailer in the country( ~900 stores in 28 states, according to Wikipedia), so finding a location when traveling is usually very easy. I've also had work done at two other Discount Tire locations in Florida, and they have all been fantastic. Add to that great prices and fast service and it's not hard to guess why they have become such a big company.

Vic Smith

* Reviewed October 9, 2017

More like NO STARS. Maybe this place only rips off females in their early 20s because we don’t know not sure but I got screwed. Paid $400 for all brand new tires ( so they say ) They told me 40,000 mile warranty yet I get the first 2 tires newer than the others at 43 Miles. The other 2 at 50miles. I now have 61 Miles and was told all 4 need to be replaced and I would get a credit but would have to pay $300. Mind you it’s been LESS than a year for all 4 tires. Then the man tells me “ The tires weren’t that great they were rated a 1, entry level” Yea wasn’t told that before paying $100 a tire. They’re liars. Regret going to this place. I don’t recommend.

LaShonda Dunlap

* * * * * Reviewed October 7, 2017

I am a new resident of Polk County and was crossed between 17 miles to Kissimmee and 12 miles to Winter Haven. I was very happy I took the 12 miles as Cesar in Kissimmee had been very considerate of my needs, there was no comparison to Dave. He greeted me as he had seen me in pain I actually encountered in a bad accident (I didn't disclose); I explained I was ran off the road which caused me to jump a curb and ruined my tire the service and the level of concern he had shown me was beyond a 10 on a 5 rating scale! Thank you Dave as I am a forever discount tire customer and a lifelong client of Dave. Thank-you again

Rishi Nair

* * * * * Reviewed June 19, 2017

I always go to Discount Tire to get my tires for my vehicles. They always go the extra mile to take care of their customer's,and have great prices. If you need tires, this is the place to go. If the tire is not in stock, they will find it. Employees are friendly, and always take care of my issues, if any, quickly and efficiently. Bill the manager was excellent to work with. Will be back

Chelsey Beckner

* * * * * Reviewed September 13, 2017

Awesome staff!! Helped me in a time of need! Had my tire punctured from glass on the road from the hurricane that came through and they gave me a used tire with tons of tread left for only $30!! I don't know what I would have done without them doing something so amazing for me! Absolute hero's of the day for sure!!