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Recent Reviews

Sheila Rogers

* * Reviewed May 2, 2018

Did not like this Advance Auto Parts store. I went there to purchase a gas can, it was on the third shelf, which was the top shelf and there was no one to assist me in reaching it. So my 53 year old ass had to climb up a ladder to get this gas can. I won't be back even though it's close to home I'll drive to another location or to another auto parts store.

Kevin Fraser

* * * * Reviewed September 3, 2018

The women who works there is very nice and helpful.

P. Patton.

* Reviewed January 24, 2018

I have a client that bought some wiper blades and allowed one of the salesman install them at the location on memorial drive in Stone Mountain. Shortly after they were installed they started making a noise and the rubber was coming off and sticking to her windshield. She tried cleaning her windshield with window cleaner as well as using rain x. None of that worked she went on like that for a couple of weeks and then called me. We met at the Advanced Auto on Chamblee Tucker in Tucker Ga. After carefully inspecting the blades it was determined that the rubber was of poor condition so we went inside to exchange for a better set and the manager replied that there was no warranty on wiper blades she had her receipt but was still denied she even call corporate and was still denied It was a horrible experience. So BUYER BEWARE THAT THERE IS NO WARRANTY ON WIPER BLADES EVEN IF THEY ARE INCORRECT FOR YOUR VEHICLE. IT'S A RISK YOU MAY HAVE TAKE. We decided to go to AutoZone and deal with them a better experience and I looked up the correct blades and installed them myself.

Sean Grooms

* * * * Reviewed August 21, 2018

Just what you are looking for at a good price

Howard Daniels

* * * * Reviewed May 20, 2018

Mostly, good ppl good experience