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Recent Reviews

William Dailey

* * * * * Reviewed August 31, 2018

I have bought several vehicles from Ware Chevrolet not only have I bought vehicles from them I worked for them for over 15 years before retiring. Max Ware is the most honest person in the automotive business. They are a no hassle dealership. It does not take hours to buy a car or truck. Once you buy a vehicle you will be taken care of. Before going to a big dealership give Ware a chance I think you will be very happy.

Rob Lindsay

* * * * * Reviewed June 22, 2018

Excellent service before and after the sale. The sales staff is very helpful, eager to help without being pushy. Easy to deal with and a pleasure. I've bought a few vehicles here and it has always been easy and stress free. You too will be a repeat customer!

April Walker

* Reviewed September 5, 2018

Good price for an oil change BUT my daughter left her car there and let them know she wouldnt be back before they closed to pick it up. She ask to have them leave the keys in the visor with it parked outside of their gate. First the locked the keys in the car and when she asked them how shes supposed to get it off the manager shrugged it off. After watching her cry because she coukdnt make her appointment to fet new tires we tried to get in it ourselves. After we tried for about 45 minutes the manager shows up magically woth a slim jim kit after her father on law challenged him by asking what kind of manager he was locking keys in her car then not offering to help.. . We will not be returning

Jerry Chastain

* Reviewed August 7, 2018

Bought a car with the promise of fixing an oil leak at a later date. Bad mistake. When the car was returned to be fixed , Ware said it would cost to much and instead offered me $200. I never should have believed the salesman that they would fix the leak. Liars

Jonathan Lance

* * * * * Reviewed April 26, 2018

Clean up dude Brandon does good work they just need to hire back his right hand man they sure put some cars out