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Recent Reviews

Greg Swift

* * * * * Reviewed January 2, 2017

Great people. Honest about what was going on with my truck. Good and timely service. Well worth the wait to have it worked on correctly. I will keep coming back (which is a 35 min drive one way to get to here) and i will recommend to any of my friends and family.

Garrey Petero

* * * * * Reviewed January 26, 2017

Very knowledgeable staff, good pricing and willing to work with me around my busy work schedule. I sent my step daughter there as well and went over and above their job to make sure she was safe without me being there. Great staff!!!

Clay Nally

* * * * * Reviewed November 21, 2016

Good guys to deal with. I rarely have an issue here. If I do, they correct it right away. Awesome mechanics! I highly recommend them!

Melissa Smith

* * * * * Reviewed January 26, 2017

Great staff! They went above and beyond their duties to help me out, my Dad told me to go here and I was nervous going by my self, but they made me feel safe and welcomed. They didt try to scam me and tell me a million other problems going on, they helped me out with my issues on my car multiple times, and for a really cheap price compared to other shops! Highly recommend this place they truly know what theyre doing, and really helpful with anything else you have going on woth your vehicle!!!!

Andy Russell

* Reviewed December 26, 2016

Damaged vehicle on multiple occasions. 3/25/16 – Changed Oil/Filter, rotate tires After the oil change, I noticed it was low on oil per the dip stick. Added a quart and assumed it was a simple mistake. 8/12/16 – Changed Oil/Filter, rotate tires During the oil change I mentioned to the staff that it only had 4 quarts of oil after last change so Clay (Manager at the time) changed the oil on that day A week later, I noticed a slight oil drip from around the oil pan bolt, kept check on oil level and it was fine and the drip stopped after about five weeks 12/14/16 – Changed Oil/Filter, rotate tires I mentioned to the staff that it had an oil drip for several weeks after the last oil change, initial inspection didn’t show any issues, but when the washer was removed with the bolt from the oil pan we noticed the washer had been damaged. We assumed there is no way the washer could have been damaged other than during the last oil change and the management agreed. Washer was replaced. 12/23/16 – Went to personally replace air filter as suggested by C and N and 2 screw heads stripped and 2 bolts broke without moving. I assumed locktite was placed on the threads when the air filter was inspected on 12/14/16. It was suggested to me that the air filter be replaced on 12/14/16 and I asked them not to replace it and I would do so at home. 12/26/16 I spoke with Marcus at Kennesaw store and he stated he or Charlie Rich (owner) would be calling me back soon. I am hopeful they will correct the damage quickly.