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Recent Reviews

Rachel Elder

* * * * * Reviewed June 15, 2019

Excellent service. Had two masters tech's work on my 25 year old van because Rick, the owner new I needed it back quickly. I would definitely be back there. Great price because I only had so much for repairs. Love Rick and the two masters tech's y'all did a great job!!!

Jae Shim

* Reviewed June 1, 2019

Needed a quick tire repair. A guy said that they were busy and told me to come back in one hour if I didn't want to wait. Went back an hour later and was told that wait would be 2 more hours. Why bother? Just say it if you don't want a minor job customer. Horrible experience.

Samuel Brown

* * * * Reviewed March 30, 2019

Like this shop but must question their honesty. I was told that I need all four brakes and calipers done and found that only the front needs replacing. Otherwise, they are the best I've seen thus far in this area.

Cachea Baxter

* Reviewed June 23, 2019

Rating: - 0 Terribly sad this company REFUSES TO REPAIR the damages their NEGLIGENCE has caused. What they have done to me has negatively affected my livelihood and Family. My credit score has been directly affected. I have been paying for Uber/Lyft rides and for a car note and insurance for an inoperable vehicle for 9months+. Work hours, functions/events/ceremonies, school meetings and Church/Bible Study services missed. NO ONE SHOULD TRUST THIS COMPANY WITH THEIR VEHICLE! I pray that what they have done to me and ALL that they are putting me through, will not happen to anyone else. I received services from MALL CORNERS TIRE INC on October 15, 2018, for a Transmission Flush. Pursuant to their negligence of USING THE WRONG TRANSMISSION FLUID, my vehicle needs a replacement CVT Transmission. I have made many attempts to have Mall Corners Tire Inc to repair/replace damages on their own. MAI PHAN, Owner and JOSH, onsite Manager, has both denied fault. I have UNDENIABLE evidence, yet, they refuse to take responsibility. I have been forced to LITIGATE!

Max Thomason

* * * * * Reviewed January 9, 2019

Went in for a front end alignment. They were quick, professional, did a good job, and at a reasonable price. Overall very happy with the service provided here and will be back.