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Recent Reviews

linda bibbs

* * * Reviewed September 3, 2018

Good prices. Friendly staff

Michael Fleming

* * * * * Reviewed June 22, 2018

Very friendly and helpful fast service great tires and great prices

Daniel Beall

* * * * * Reviewed October 26, 2017

Good prices on used tire plugged..two days later tire was flat almost. Older guy there inspected plug and valve leak..hmm after that without asking he jacked the car up and my dang rim was bent somehow. He took tire off and ended up tapping my rim with hammer and two weeks later still no flat tire. On top of that for the little he did he wouldn't charge me or take money for helping me. I am a delivery driver and my period is how I make 💰. You don't see people at shops helping like that. With all this said Amigos gets a five star because of price..service..and still being human

Ashley Betsill

* * * * Reviewed June 18, 2018

Great place just need more guys

C Lisa

* * * * Reviewed January 27, 2018

Good price on two tires, very nice staff.