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Recent Reviews


* * * * * Reviewed August 9, 2018

These guys are the best..the people at the counter are always nice , honest and explain to me exactly what is going on with my car. They so the repairs quickly and the work is top notch. They have amazing staff and excelent mechanics. Best place in town to get your car fixed hands down.

Della Keitt

* * * * * Reviewed March 31, 2018

This will be the tire place I go to from now on. I was treated with respect and shown exactly what happened with my car. The staff is helpful and thoughtful. I had a problem with my tire and spare and received help with both. I'll be going back for an alignment soon. Updated equipment and high integrity. Love this place

Susanne Smith

* * * * * Reviewed September 6, 2018

Sent my friend Belinda to Rich and his team yesterday. She came into work today stating what a good job they did and she is going to start going there from now on.

Brittany Dixon

* Reviewed February 27, 2018

I thought this was a really great company upon arriving, my back tire was going flat and wouldn't hold any air. Adam was nice enough to take me back to work because I was on lunch when this happen and they had to wait for someone to bring the tire from the warehouse. This was on a Thursday, by Saturday the tire was losing air and I had to put air in it multiple times. I brought a can of fix-a-flat and nothing was working so Monday morning I called them and told them what was going on they asked to bring the back up to see what was going on. They asked to come take a look at the problem. When I looked the tire there was two bends in the rim and Adam said that the smaller bend was there because he remembered seeing it when he put the tires on. which is problem number 1 why wasn't I informed of this because I truly believe this is what cause the tire to lose air in the first place. So Adam told me he would call someone he knew to repair the rim he called me around lunch and informed me it was going to cost me another $250 which is what I paid on Thursday for the two tires in the first place. I knew what was way to much because I've had a rim repaired and gotten a used tired for $180. So I called around and found another company "Alloy wheel repair specialists" to fix it for $140. When I went to pick up the tire I was asked what company was repairing the rim and I told him the name and price he said that how much the outside guy was going to charge him to come in and repair the rim which is problem number 2 why am I being charge $250? to top this all off when I got to the other company and they took the tire out to look at the damage, someone had tried to knock the bends out. I called and spoke with Adam again and asked him, he told me no one tired to knock out the bends mind you they called me to the back to see the rim with my own eyes so I could tell the difference. I also had pictures of what the rim looked like because I asked them to send me pics when I was calling around getting quotes. When you are going to try to knock a bend out of someones rim you supposed to ask for consent because there is a risk of the rim cracking. This was just a horrible experience and I will never return to this company because they are very DISHONEST!!!!!

Dennis Wolfe

* * * * * Reviewed March 30, 2018

We've been doing business with Midtown Tire for over 15 years. Have always received excellent service. Service writers always discuss the repairs and take the time to explain them beforehand. A good place to take your vehicles.