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Jim Stovall

* * * * * Reviewed April 20, 2018

Lilburn Chevron has been taking care of my cars for over 20 years now. They continue to deliver high quality service, with a minimum of upsell, unless they feel that it is absolutely necessary for my family's safety. They work quickly and their pricing is always very competitive. They are very friendly and accommodating of my schedule. Great guys all the way, led by the Owner, Bill.

Sandra Stanley

* * * * * Reviewed May 16, 2018

It's so nice to get the right diagnosis! After getting conflicting remedies, I knew it was time to see Lilburn Chevron, Bill and his team. Sure enough, the MAP sensor CEL code was due to misrouted vavuum hoses. Yeah!! The blinking CEL, a fuel injector issue. My engine was not compromised. Clarity is sanity. I feel relieved, and clear now as to how to proceed. Thank you!😊


* * * * * Reviewed August 12, 2017

I started coming here in 2014 because a friend of a friend said they were honest people and great mechanics. They were right! I live in Marietta and work mostly in Brookhaven but I refuse to go anywhere else. Highly recommend these guys!


* * * * * Reviewed June 28, 2016

As always, I was greeted quickly and when I asked for Harris, they went and found him immediately and he stopped what he was doing to come talk to me. I explained my problem and he said he could not only fix it, but quickly. I had mentioned I had a trip to make that day. While I waited, Harris personally took care of my issue and even fixed a related but separate issue at no charge. I was charged very little for labor and very fair prices for parts. This is indicative of a typical visit to this Chevron. I have been going here for years, and I even take my elderly mother's car here for service when she is in town, and they always work quickly on hers knowing she doesn't live here. Harris has always taken the time to talk to me, explain the issues, tell me what will happen if I choose not to fix it, and NEVER pressures me into additional services. I have met Bill a few times but it seems he works behind the scenes a bit more, but he is friendly as well and extremely helpful while Harris seems to be the "face of the garage" and he does it well. In addition, they still offer full service gas fill ups at certain pumps. The locations is convenient. I've been going here through two cars in sixteen years, and I will continue as long as they are open and Harris is working at the shop. I highly recommend this Chevron service station and think it should be a model for others. Let me also say, ALL the staff are friendly and helpful - I did not mean to leave anyone out in my praise of Harris - every staff member I have encountered has the same friendly and helpful attitude and makes me feel valued each time I visit. Kudos to the entire staff of this shop.

stephen davis

* Reviewed May 19, 2016

I took my 2011 Chevy Aveo into the station because the AC was not working. I was given a quote by Harris for $924.30 to replace the compressor. The price was 606.98 for parts and $250.00 dollars for labor. After further talking to Harris he told me it was best to replace the evaporator, dryer, expansion valve. He showed me all the components that needed to be replaced to be safe and explained there might be debris in the systems. I asked that the total labor would be he told me it would be higher. It might be as much as double. I checked around and could buy the parts myself a lot cheaper. I called Harris and asked it he would put if my aftermarket parts for the same price. He assured me, he would. Before I ordered the parts I called Harris a second time to make sure all the parts he would need to complete a successful repair. I ordered the parts and then took the car and parts to him. I then talked to Bill. Bill tells me that the labor would be $1025.00. After many phone calls we were offered $825.00. I elected to not let him repair my car. When we picked the car up Bill would not tell us his last name and did not act very professional. He called me and my wife a liar that Harris did not quote that price. I tried to fax the receipt to him but he told me not to worry he found the original quote. He told me if it was not written down than he did not have to honor anything. I asked to speak to Harris and I was told that he (Bill) was the owner and he made the decision. I think this was the most unprofessional place I have had to deal with.