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Recent Reviews

Tasha Chapman

* Reviewed May 11, 2017

Do not go there!! I went to get air in my tires and when I pulled up the guy was sleeping. I blew the horn and he came out and I asked him I could get air in my tires. He puts the air in and my low tire pressure light still remained on as I drove down the street. I turned around and asked him to check them again and he started cursing me out and threating me telling me to get out of there. I wanted to call the police on him but I just left. It's better if you can make it to an air pump at a gas station than to stop there. Rude people like that doesn't need to work at a place like that because you never know what can happen to you especially if you get threaten. BEWARE!!!!

Rose D-Szczecina

* * * * * Reviewed March 9, 2018

Great used tires for a reasonable price.

Atlanta car scene

* * * * * Reviewed April 14, 2014

I have been coming here for 8 years, since they've opened, always have gotten good deals for used and new tires. I get my tires balanced and aligned for cheap

Patrick Harrell

* Reviewed September 7, 2013

Do not go to any of his shops. Horrible service! I called for a tire change and he had an attitude! I call back and he tells me that he has TWO tires I need. I tell him I will be there the next morning. I show up and I say hello. He says "what"? I tell him I come the tires and he tells me he only has one! Its Latino owned but that's no excuse to have suck a** service.

Rama Arci

* Reviewed February 5, 2014

Awful service, been there 3 times (i don't know why i came back) all 3 times over charged, and had to keep coming because it was faulty job. don't come here if you need any tire service, you will regret it.