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Nessa H

* * Reviewed July 19, 2018

At first I was so excited about getting my husbands new tires and rims on his f150 but I had to go back to this place 3 times!!! I live about 45 to an hour away now (Gas ain't cheap). The day i got the new tires/rims i went home expecting everything to be fine and i figured hey they put everything in the back of the truck since i did see the old tires. My bad part was not checking everything. They kept our old rim tops which aren't that cheap either. Then they kept our spacers for the tires, which I spent a lot as well and when I went to go ask for my stuff back they still tried to keep the bolts, nuts whatever you call them from the spacers. I asked chris one of the owners if this was done on purpose or was it really an accident. He responded with a simple were busy so if you don't ask for your stuff back we keep it. Really? Are you kidding me? What other tire place does that? Not a true professional one. So if you come here keep an eye on them and ASK FOR YOUR STUFF BACK unless your ok with them keeping it.

MC6 Electric LLC

* * * * * Reviewed July 14, 2018

Very impressed! Great price and fast service! Highly recommend to everyone!

Luke Mullims

* Reviewed July 2, 2018

Guy who answered the phone was rude and didn't have time to talk with me about my tire problem. He talked like he was speed reading. I do no recommend this business.

Kasual Kaos

* * * * * Reviewed December 29, 2017

I needed two rear tires that are an uncommon size. I called them and they had them in stock. The next morning I went and got them. Great people, very friendly, and excellent customer service. I walked in and told them that I needed two rear tires, told them what size and that I had called about them the night before. He remembered me calling about them. They pulled my car around and I was paying my bill 25 minutes later. I highly recommend them as they have a huge selection, great prices and had my hard to find size in stock and had me back on the road in under a half hour.

Felecia Glenn

* * * * * Reviewed March 30, 2018

Not the most expensive and definitely not the cheapest. However, they know what fast service is while showing Exceptional Customer Service. Oh and they have jokes too but they really need to stick to putting tires on your car.