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Recent Reviews

Panasyuk Family

* * * * Reviewed May 20, 2018

Fast service, nice guys . But skipped my turn in a line when bigger order came

Hector Avila

* * * * Reviewed June 18, 2018

Good fast service, Spanish and English, and great prices

mike thompson

* * * * * Reviewed December 14, 2017

I needed to plug a flat and they did it in 5 minutes. I went to 3 other places before who said they couldn't do it or were too busy. I have bought used tires here with no problems and they have plugged multiple flat tires, never an issue.

rachel Bhojwani

* * * Reviewed May 2, 2018

Getting 3-4 tires put on

Gus M

* * * * * Reviewed August 5, 2017

Best place and prices