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Recent Reviews

Bobby D

* * * * * Reviewed August 8, 2018

Always a professional experience when I trust my vehicle to J and M Auto Center. I have been taking my cars here since 2005 and I trust them implicitly to tell me what needs to happen. Whether its evaluating a used vehicle to purchase or servicing an existing vehicle the team at J and M has the expertise to diagnose and repair that keeps me coming back. Thanks for excellent service

Dickson Nzenwa

* * * * * Reviewed August 22, 2018

One of the best auto shops in Duluth. Customer service is impeccable, certified technicians are available for questions. I have been going there for quite a while haven't had any problems. I would definitely recommend.

Scott Larson

* Reviewed July 14, 2018

I dropped my truck off because I have had ok service with them in the past. This time was not the same. They told me I needed new brakes because “the brakes were gone” they even wrote that on the receipt. They were going to charge me $606.00 to change brakes on all four tires. I said, “no thank you”. I went to the auto parts store and bought both the front and rear brakes. When I went to change the front breaks the wear bars on the brake pads were still clearly visible!! I change the front anyway but when I went to change the rear brakes they were still in excellent condition. Trust but verify this place. Less than $40.00 and one hour of work and my front brakes are done.

LaDonna Thompson

* Reviewed August 9, 2018

I took my car to them in March for multiple service work and spent almost $500. My breaks pads and rotors were a part of that work. May came and I took it back because it was grinding. The lady said that my warranty was running out. Here it is August1st and I had to have brand new rotors and breaks put on. I go back with my old parts and they would not refund my money. This dog place tells me that with 2 receipts from them, a complete diagnostic from Nissan, and a receipt from AutoZone, that I can't say the parts are from them nor the work. Straight bs! No policy printed or posted. 😡 They are stealing money from hard working people. Customer service is considerably bellow par standards. I could have had a bad wreck and hurt myself, my family, or anyone else. Find a reliable and trust worthy repair shop and save yourself some money and time. This one has no care for their clientele. Money is all that matters.....Even worse! How many times does a customer have to continue coming in for a 45 min repair? I left my car for 2 whole days your front desk clerk told me that my warranty was running out. Obviously the work had to be handled by a different mechanic who can get it done. Justify 2 receipts from your company with the work still undone. I could have wrecked my brakes were to the floor. I don't need a free conversation I paid for a botch service bottom line. No one should have to keep bringing thier car in for brake pads or rotors. I sure did request a refund on the parts that I paid for that did not get done at all. I didn't ask for free service im a paying customer. I had other work done in March that I did not ask a refund for. My total was more than $400. You all got your end of the deal but I did not. I asked for a fair refund. You can't have a warranty on parts that have never been removed.

Ann O'Halloran

* * * * * Reviewed September 7, 2017

My brake light went out when I was on my way to appointment The nice folks at J&M auto worked me in and had me on my way in less than 10 minutes. I will definitely go back when I need additional work done.