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Recent Reviews

Panya Rice Holmes

* * * * Reviewed June 24, 2018

Quick and nice staff... I'm a skeptic of used tires until I've had them installed for a couple weeks... we'll see... no warranty but promised to replace if needed within 3 days of purchase

Summer Holt

* * * * * Reviewed July 14, 2018

I had a flat driving down the highway I pulled off they fixed my tire actually they replaced my tire and under 30 minutes very helpful family-owned business

Jessica Smith

* Reviewed July 10, 2018

PREPARE TO BE SCAMMED 3RD UPDATE: I go in the next day to get the $10 she promised me on the phone and because I left a bad review online like any consumer with a bad business experience would, she refused to give me the money back that was stolen. She threatened to call the police so I called them myself. Unfortunately there was nothing they could do because I can't prove it. This owner is literally delusional, going on and on about how she's an honest person and works for her money and getting offended that I'm accusing her personally of stealing from me (when I'm accusing just someone at the business, not her personally) , all trying to place the blame on me and lying through her teeth. There is absolutely no reasoning and talking to this woman and she runs a terrible shady business. Don't worry, what goes around comes around and if you can live with yourself knowing you're a liar trying to rip people off, good for you. EVERYONE PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS. 2ND UPDATE IN RESPONSE TO OWNER: First of all, you did NOT let me check the cameras. I called you about it, you said you would check the cameras and ask your mechanics and call me back. You called me back saying you didn't see anything on camera and none of your guys confessed to it (which if course they wouldn't). I have the entire conversation recorded. Not to mention if you had left my car unlocked and someone else walking by got in my car, they would have taken my dash cam and other valuables too. And you LET me leave my car there for 2 days? What mechanic charges for having to leave your car for 1 extra day over Sunday while you're closed because YOU failed to put my phone number in correctly to let me know at a decent time the part didn't fit? Don't act like I've been a nuisance and wasn't cooperative. The only time I raised concern was when you handed me my bill for more than I was promised. I was told Saturday at 4:30, 30 minutes before you close that my part didn't fit. You were closed on Sunday and Monday my new part was waiting at your door and I picked up my car around 2. Tell me how that was unreasonable and I left my car for 2 days troubling you. And then have the nerve to call me a liar when your employees stole from me after you tried to scam me. Get out of here. UPDATE: I HAD AT LEAST $10 IF NOT MORE IN QUARTERS IN MY CAR FROM HAVING TO BREAK A 20 AT THE CAR WASH LAST WEEK. ALL OF MY QUARTERS ARE GONE AND THE MANAGER SAID SHE'S CHECKING WITH THE MECHANICS AND THE CAMERAS BUT WOULDN'T SURPRISE ME IF SHES THE ONE BEHIND IT. Stay away. I was quoted $30 each for 2 used tires over the phone. Once everything was done they tried charging me 40 for each. Even after explaining I was quoted 30 to Jessica at the front desk, she would not budge on the price. She even tried to say their cheapest tires are only 35. Which is complete BS because the ONLY reason I chose this place, very out of the way for me, was because of the price I was given. They were purposefully trying to scam me into paying more. She finally agreed to give them to me for 35 a piece, and rather than wasting more of my time I just accepted. Should have told them to take the tires off and put my old ones back on. Very bad business practice and I'll never step foot in that place again. It's a shame because their mechanics were all super nice and helpful. But Jessica at the front desk, definitely up to some shady business.

Isaiah Baker

* * * * * Reviewed June 28, 2018

Best used tire shop I've been too so far, fast and good prices

Natan Borges

* * * * * Reviewed November 27, 2017

Really professional, only shop that sells used tires that actually answered my call, got there and was instantly greeted. Got told over the phone tires are typically 50% tread but mines were 75 to 80%. Friendly a Staff, showed me all the tires and let me choose as well. When it came time to pay it was quick, no lines and you even get free candy (the good kind) lol. Definitely recommend this place