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Recent Reviews

Tony Fam

* Reviewed March 22, 2018

Don't go there for auto repair, I once been told driving around for an hour then come back! Ridiculous ! What the h***business!

Lucy Island

* Reviewed June 18, 2017

This hole in the wall of a so called shady buisness deserves grammy of poor service and unproffessional staff. If I could only do a review without rating them!!! I was on my lunch break from work noticed that my tire was flat, decided to check these clowns to fix my tire, what a disaster, the cashier straight up said it was $17.00 to plug a tire not even setting his eyes on my vehicle, ask why so much stated thats what they charge, what was I to do facing lunch break almost finished and a really flat tire I took the benefit of the doubt, BIG MISTAKE!!!!!! A very narsisstic so called tech took the work order drove my vehicle on the wrong side of the road to get to the lift to put my car on, while car is in the air this clown took a drill out started drilling my tire, then took out his phone started texting, then put a plug in tire brought my car down, mind you tire never taken off, not ran through water bath to check for any leaks, not my first time to the rodeo clowns, then motioned to head to the office for some trumped !!👿up charges lol, see pics as proof, my tire still leaks air had to get a proffessional to set this straight, I hope that the little $17.00 made your day because theres more where that came from then you cant make an hour. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY ALERT.

Carvin Rolle

* Reviewed April 21, 2017

I bought set of 4 Goodyear tires and got a wheel alignment about 9 months later one of my rear tires was worn out badly the steel in the inside wall of the tire was showing and the other 3 tires was in good condition. Went back to the store and they said with out a recipe they can't help me after I spent $240.00 on each tire. It's obvious that the problem was they didn't do a proper wheel alignment and it's their fault but won't assist me in no way on getting the problem solved. I wouldn't recommend that tire shop to anyone.

Dante Daniel

* * * * Reviewed June 27, 2015

One of the hidden Gems around here. Excellent customer service. Very affordable pricing. Quality work and the same parts everyone else uses. You got a problem with your vehicle I highly recommend you bring it to this shop. It looks deceiving from the road but trust me they are the truth.

BadFrad AZZ

* Reviewed December 2, 2015

Bait and switch auto center! Went there with Groupon but they said I had to pay 50 dollar inspection fee to use the groupon!