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* * * * * Reviewed January 4, 2018

Mike was great and a pleasure to work with. We organized for Tire Rack to send in my choice of winter tires and wheels to the shop for Lucas Auto Care to mount, and balance. They mounted my old AS tires on the new wheels. And then my new winter tires on my old wheels. Everything went smoothly, two hours to get all the mounting and balancing done for a price of 160 which was a good deal for the service. I appreciate Mikes diligence, and the competitive prices offered, will come back again for servicing.

Aaron Taub

* * Reviewed December 28, 2017

Loved this place at first. My original rating was 5 stars (which is what they responded to). They seemed thorough, professional, and capable. But the more I went back the more I started realizing that they were always finding something "wrong" so that they could sell me something. For example: on my first visit I went in for a tire patch. They told me the tire couldn't be fixed. OK, that's fine. They also told me that another tire needed to be replaced, and that my battery was corroded and needed to be replaced. I had them go ahead with all of it. When I returned for an oil change 3 months later they told me that my battery was corroded and needed to be replaced...when I told them that they'd replaced it only a few months prior they awkwardly said OK and "generously" offered to clean it up for free. I returned two more times and every time something like this happened. On my final visit they told me that someone had put an oil product in my engine that had done something harmful (though, to be honest, they never actually said what the problem was. They just said they found it in my engine and that it was a problem). I don't do work on my car because I have minimal automotive capability. They were the only ones to touch my car over the entire previous year. So if anyone put something bad in my engine it was THEM. I told them that and they basically said "oh" and walked away. The work they do is good, and if it's your only option it's not a bad one. But be careful when they suggest extra work be done. They may be doing necessary work, or they may be trying to squeeze some extra cash out of you. I do not recommend being a return customer.

Erin Kelly

* * * * * Reviewed October 27, 2017

I became aware of this place through my barter group. I love the family atmosphere. Since I too am a business owner and have very limited time to get things done, they always go above and beyond to fit me in when I need to have my car fixed. They are very honest and do great work.


* * Reviewed November 28, 2017

Came in because I was given two quotes for two different tire brands. Told them to put the good brand. When it was time to pay, I was charged in the middle so I thought I had gotten a discount for the good tires. Left the place thinking everything was okay but my tire lights came on on my dashboard. Went to check the tires and noticed I was given the cheap set but was charged more for them... Then when I took the air pressure of the tires, I noticed that they had over inflated the back tires and under inflated the front. Max psi on those tires are rated 50 psi, they put 52 on the back tires.. then they put 23 psi in the front... Way under inflated.. enough for lights to come on in my car. I had to take air out of the back tires and put air in on the front tires so I don't destroy this set of overpriced cheap tires. Not sure if the people there know what that are doing

Jonathan Fuld

* Reviewed October 26, 2017

This was the single worst experience I have ever had at a car repair shop. I had a flat tire and was running late for a meeting. They started inspecting my whole car - without my permission or direction - they had my hood up! - until I told them to put the hood down and stop looking for non-existent problems and just repair the tire. They then ‘repair’ the tire which they said had a nail. I get to my meeting with my ‘repaired’ tire, go inside, and when I come back out, the tire is completely flat. I have to get towed back to them. Upon arrival, I point out to them a crack in the side wall of the tire. Whether the crack was there before their repair and they totally missed it, or the crack developed as a result of a bad repair I don’t know. They then try to put a temporary tire on and charge me more money, when a nice and competent tire repair shop a few blocks away on Western Ave had my exact tire in stock. It is my great misfortune that I lost an entire day of my life, and much hard earned money, as a result of happening upon this shop.