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Mike Massong

* Reviewed August 13, 2018

Too expensive, shady pricing (This is an edited response) I originally put 5 Stars; my wife and I have been coming here since 2012, and have always been treated fairly. But up until today, as I’m writing this, Lucas wasn’t just about fairness, it was about affordability. I came here to get some work done on my car, because they have always been competitive with their prices. But the last few months of us coming here, they have actually been more expensive than other quotes from other auto repair shops. We came in and rich, the manager, offered me a deal on tires. He gave me the absolute steal of 430 out the door, when the price of everything was about 440. I’m sorry, but that isn’t much of a deal to me. In addition, they couldn’t find where the air filter was on my car, so they couldn’t replace it. They told me to go to the dealer. They said because we can’t find it, and it’s our fault, we’re taking 20 bucks off your out the door price... The regular price of an air filter here is 30 bucks. So I’m paying THEM ten bucks for an air filter I didn’t get in the first place! Then when I tried to pay with their coupon book, I was told it wasn’t valid because of the deal they had already gave me. That’s disappointing. I would recommend anyone to go anywhere else for their work. It was 410 altogether for tires and wiper blades. No thanks.

Swapnil Sourabh

* * * * * Reviewed July 18, 2018

I had a flat tire and needed a new tire immediately as a result. Lucas Tire & Auto Care not only had the tire I was looking for, but also installed it the same day. The price they quoted was better than the other stores I had checked. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. It was an easy experience getting the tire installed, with waiting time less than an hour.

nicole scott

* * * * * Reviewed August 10, 2018

Came here 5 minutes before they closed with a extremely flat tire called to let them know I'll be there as soon as I could and they stayed open for me I don't know to many places willing to do that.. for someone who works in customer service I absolutely loved there service I was treated so good the price wasn't bad and they finished 30 minutes or less if I could give this place 10 stars I would thank you guys so much 😀

Mauricio Roa Tamayo

* * * * * Reviewed July 25, 2018

Highly recommend! Nice and profesional staff, good prices. I was looking for changing my brakes and they were the only one shop that offered me a good deal.

Reece Oster

* Reviewed June 24, 2018

After finding myself with a flat tire on a Sunday the rude staff told me that they could take a look at my tire for no charge to see if anything could be done. I told them I would wait and so they stamped my info with a large WAIT stamp. About 45 minutes later I asked to see how everything was going and was told my two new tires were almost on. Hold on... I only asked you to check to see if my one tire could be patched. They proceeded to tell me that they called a random number and the person said to go ahead and put two new rear tires on. To make things worse they went on to say that I had to pay for the labor even though I never even authorized any work to be done. Save yourself a headache and go somewhere else for your car repairs.