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Jhon Sta

* Reviewed August 28, 2017

Please don't use this guys, this guys are crooks. I brought my car which had less air in one of the tire, instead of putting air like I asked, the guy removes my tire and takes a side. Comes back after few minutes and shows me a small nail in my tire. Tells me that I need new tire because it's on the side wall, since I don't no much about tires I tell him ok please replace my tire which was 160 for one tire, he then tells me they will need to replace both tires and I said why the other tire is fine, he tells me it's a safety issue. A light bulb went in my head and I decided to call my cousin, he tells me tell them to put back the tires and put air and just take the car home. So I asked this guys to do that and they seem unhappy about it, but they finally did it and charged me 20 dollars as a service charge. Now my cousin takes my car to another shop and this guys found the nail and said nail was in the middle of the tires so they charge me 10 bucks to fix the tire. This happens month back and my tires is completely fine after 10 bucks fix. I also feel that this guys are the one who put nail in my tire to began with, So please save money and time and go somewhere else.

Marilyn Ellison

* * * * * Reviewed July 24, 2017

I felt great trusting my car and money in the hands of Lucus tire. Janine was so helpful! I always expect to overpay and over wait for basic maintenance but my first time in I was happily surprised to have an extremely reasonable rate and I was in and out in 40 minutes for what would have taken my dealership a full day. Highly recommended!

Amador Castro

* * * * * Reviewed July 26, 2017

Great service! Gave me a quote for a new set tires better than anyone else in town and were able to accommodate installation the same day. Also, advised me to take care other issues as well. Strongly recommended.

Dana Bender

* * * * * Reviewed July 20, 2017

We had a slow leaking tire and needed a valve replaced. Derick was great. He fixed it last minute while we waited before leaving for a road trip. Everyone at Lucas tires treats us with respect and consideration. They are dependable, efficient, and very reasonable. They kept our old car going forever and are taking great care of our new car as well. Thank you guys (and Gidget)!!

Derek Johnson

* * * * * Reviewed May 1, 2017

Got me out of a quick pinch. Got my car in at 6.15pm and had two tires replaced by 7 that night so I wouldn't miss work the next day. Owner was very nice and was a lot better deal that costco quoted me over the phone. Will definitely be back.