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Mario Soliman

* * * * * Reviewed December 27, 2017

This is one of the best car shops I've been to. The staff is very friendly and they do great work. They are very honest and will never overcharge you. I also liked that they went over the diagnostics cost and potential service cost upfront even before taking the car in. I've been there three times so far and planning on coming here exclusively for my car needs.

Julie Mendoza

* * * * * Reviewed February 9, 2018

The best car shop around. Honesty and quality services describes them very well. I highly recommend for any vehicle service needs!


* * * * * Reviewed December 6, 2017

I trust Northtown Auto with my car service needs. I have been coming here for years and keep coming back because I trust and value their opinion and work. I see how they treat every single customer, not just myself, with respect and fairness. The service advisers are all friendly and knowledgeable. It is like family here. I have recommend to others and will continue to do so. Thank you Northtown Team!

Karen Grasso

* Reviewed December 16, 2017

So very disappointed. Brought my car in for a possible sensor replacement as my tire pressure light wouldn’t turn off. Instead all that was needed was 2 tires had slow leaks. Drove my car home and the drive was very bumpy. Car was bouncing so badly that it made me nauseous. My husband brought my car back and the mechanic was very rude and defensive saying NOTHING was wrong with my car. My husband took it to 2 other mechanics who immediately knew what was wrong with my car. The consensus was that my car was dropped. Both front struts were locked in the closed position. That’s why the ride was so rough and it could have caused further damage to my rims. It cost me $1000 to replace those struts and the other parts that were damaged. Funny how their mechanic said my car was fine when the other mechanics knew exactly what was wrong immediately. Merry Christmas to us!!!! Something happened there and they chose to be dishonest. We are truly at the mercy of these repair shops when we give them our vehicles. If their mechanic really didn’t think anything was wrong with my car then he isn’t very good at his job. Would you trust him with your car?? They lost a customer for sure!! Couldn’t have been a worst time of year for this expensive repair......

suzanne blahnik

* * * * * Reviewed October 9, 2017

Northtown Auto Service is really an exceptional auto mechanic. I have used their service three times now. The first time was for our RV. We had it at another place that was telling us it would take weeks to get the part needed and quoted us an outrageous amount. I called Northtown for the first time and they had it fixed within a few days and a couple HUNDRED dollars less than the other place quoted. So first high score... I also noticed that they did not talk down to me ... which is often the case as a women looking for auto services. Second time I used their services ....a light came on in my car on my way home from the city so I called and they said I could come straight there to see what was going on. When I got there they plugged it in...checked whatever needed to be checked and since nothing was wrong they didnt charge me ANYTHING. Totally free peace of mind...awesome! Third blinker stopped working...they got me in half an hour later and after twenty minutes and an incredibly reasonable price...problem solved....within an hour of the blinker going out! The people who work here are so very friendly... each time Steven the service advisor has help me and he is just so personable! They have proven over and over now that they really are honest and so efficient. Even the waiting area is awesome...they have a multiple device charging station! Seriously...This place actually makes me not dread taking my car in.