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Recent Reviews


* * * * * Reviewed August 29, 2018

I’ve used Sucher Tire for about a year now and it’s been an awesome experience! The sales staff are super knowledgeable and friendly! Prices are always better then competitors! Delivery drivers are always fast and friendly! Chris from George’s Collision

Howard Michael

* * * * * Reviewed August 30, 2018

Customer service was outstanding. I order a rim for my Impala on Monday. they installed it on Tuesday ensure all tires were satisfactory. Best price in town. (I traveled from Monroe)

William Robinson

* * * * Reviewed September 11, 2018

The only reason I didn't give 5 stars because over inflated the tire I had repaired. I used them before and have always been satisfied with the work. Just glad I checked the tire pressure.

Denny Smith

* * * * * Reviewed September 9, 2018

Got a used tire from here a couple of days ago and the tire was in really good condition, but when I started driving I noticed this high pitched scrapping sound - like metal scraping metal. Once I drove a lil it stopped but anytime I would sit for an extended period and the car would cool off it would do it again until the car had been drivin for a while. This continued for about 2 days. I brought the car back to Suchers and instead of the guy dismissing my concerns because I'm a female which a lot of places do, he actualled looked into the issue. Turned out a piece of metal by the tire was pushed in just a lil bit, he pushed it back out and I was back in business. The reason behind this long post is that I appreciated the excellent service I got when I bought the initial tire and the follow up service when I had a concern. Definitely recommend this business!!!

Joe Marecki

* * * * * Reviewed August 28, 2018

Had great service and was out in a flash. Great job