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Kurtis Bursma

* * * Reviewed November 15, 2017

They took our truck right into the bay and we've been sitting here for over 3 hours now. They should have just told us there was a wait, but I now missed my last job because they took so long. It was a simple 4 tire swap and balance. Can't believe I'm still here. Edit: they gave me a good price and threw in new valve stems. Took forever, but everything is correct.

Larry Kovacs

* * * * * Reviewed September 9, 2017

Had 2 seperate blowouts on my 5th wheel. They put my rig inside overnight while waiting for new tires to come in. Good prices and service. They've got a new customer for life.

Kymera Star

* * * * Reviewed July 10, 2017

Good prices on tires & friendly staff. However, after my new tires were put on they did not clean up or wash them. They were covered with dirt, maybe from shipping but I have never seen such filthy, New tires installed on my vehicle before. I was pretty disappointed about that. I mean if I'm paying $450 for tires, i don't expect them to look like I went four wheeling down a mud road.

Charles Broussard

* * * * Reviewed October 27, 2017

Been here twice had no problem in and out very quickly

Barbara Robinson

* * * * * Reviewed August 4, 2017

Friendly staff, great prices and a cool little doggie to greet you!