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Recent Reviews

Michael Parks

* * * Reviewed March 19, 2018

I had an 8 appointment. Then put another truck in front of me. Said I had no appointment. But, I did. I guess it just did not get passed on to the man who does alignments. Really don't know. But it all works out for the good. My load I needed to pick up had and 11 appointment. So all is good.

Kymara Kai

* Reviewed August 12, 2018

After my new tires were put on they did not clean up or wash them. They were covered with a lot of dirt, maybe from shipping, but it doesn't matter. I have never seen such filthy, NEW tires installed on my vehicle in my life. I was pretty disappointed about that. I mean if I'm paying $450 for tires, I don't expect them to look like I went four wheeling down a mud road immediately after installation, not to mention my expensive, solid lug nuts were switched out with some cheap, mismatched, rusty "cap" lugs that did nothing but spin as I tried to see if I could get them off! On top of that, I bought new lugs and had them switch them out. Ya know what they did as another f/u to me for their trouble getting the crappy lugs off that THEY switched out in the first place? Destroyed my $50 Lock-Nut key so I can't get my tire/tires off if I needed to. Oh yah...and now one tire has a slow leak... 🤔🤬 Seriously? And Who in their right mind thinks a customer isn't going to look at their wheels? Who steals lugs during servicing a vehicle and replaces them with the left over, hodge podge ones you all probably left off several customer's cars. And the deal with my lug key? I'm very disappointed with my first time experience at Jerry's Tire. The management, however, is excellent and accommodating as they did reimburse me the cost of new lugs. As far as the lock key and leaking tire, well, I'll just take the loss and take care of elsewhere. What a bullcrap experience and all round hassle. It's the garage personnel I have no trust in. A shame that one or a few bad employees cast a shadow for the whole business. P.s. The wait here is ridiculous too, so expect to wait a minimum of 2.5hrs for 4 tires to be installed. Tip: Take photos of each wheel and compare them before you drive off their lot. It couldn't hurt.

Victor Gamboa

* Reviewed July 12, 2018

Went there early for 6 tires and they told me that it was going to take an hour and a half to be ready so o decided to wait. Well after two hours I ask if it was almost ready and they told me 1 more hour. And after four hours they told me that they forgot about the truck, but they should have it done in half an hour and they keep saying the same thing over and over. Wasted all my day waiting there, more than 6 hours. Need to be more professionals

Shaunna Busby

* * * * * Reviewed July 13, 2018

Everyone here is awesome. They helped me save some money.

Kurtis Bursma

* * * Reviewed November 15, 2017

They took our truck right into the bay and we've been sitting here for over 3 hours now. They should have just told us there was a wait, but I now missed my last job because they took so long. It was a simple 4 tire swap and balance. Can't believe I'm still here. Edit: they gave me a good price and threw in new valve stems. Took forever, but everything is correct.