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Chad Eggleston

* * * * * Reviewed April 29, 2017

They're HONEST. They DON'T rip you off. I've brought 4 cars/trucks here in the last five years, they always start with the least expensive solution. Only one time I was dissatisfied, and they made it right the very next day. I drive past 6 other service stations to go to Wright Tire.

mardar Fillipi

* * * Reviewed July 3, 2017

Good! When it came time to pay my bill, the clerk was on the phone with a customer ordering something and it took an unusual amount of time.

Jay Johnson

* * * * * Reviewed December 3, 2016

Other Companies should come to Wright Tire Service and experience what was common place decades a go. That being "Genuine Good Service" Imagine walking into a business and not having the people working there treat you like they were doing you a favor by even waiting on you. Wright Tire Service is honest and forth right. No jacking you around on price or service. They tell you straight forward with direct factual answers with no B.S. involved. Their prices are more than a little competitive many times I have found them to be the best price. I have purchased tires and have had automotive repairs performed. Their gasoline price beats any of the big chains and others in the area. There is no fluff involved. Recently I noticed I had a low tire and pulled in to inflate it. As I began to struggle with and see how much it would cost to operate the automatic air dispenser one of the employees came out and said if I pulled up to the bay door he would fill the tie for me. Not only did he fill my low tire he checked and adjusted the pressure in all 4 tires. Imagine my shock to experience someone going the extra mile. They have a customer for life or as long as they remain in business. You couldn't get me to go to a competitor to get jerked around or treated like some 3rd class citizen now. Drop in and investigate and you will see what I mean. Jay M. Johnson - Anoka, MN

Tom Ike

* * * * * Reviewed July 25, 2017

GREAT SERVICE...GREAT STAFF....Only place to go for vehicle issues.

Tom Lutes

* * * * Reviewed January 29, 2017

Great guys and a great location. I've been able to ask them about something going on with my car, and they can be informative, without pressuring me to get non-essential work done. The hours are sometimes hard to work with, but for a place like this, you can make it work.