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Recent Reviews

Kylie Anderson

* Reviewed October 6, 2017

I am very disappointed. My mom, dad and I have gone here for years off and on. We use coupons, as we live paycheck to paycheck, so yes we use a lot. and from the owners mouth, he is annoyed that we go there and use the coupons each time. Fine, we wont use your coupons or services anymore. Pretty pathetic that you don't want business that uses YOUR boughten coupons!

James Olsen

* * * * * Reviewed September 30, 2017

Great service, fast and friendly! They at least call you with a quote before they start the work.

Gina Fadden

* * * * * Reviewed August 7, 2017

Auto Pro’s is the place we go if any work is needed on our cars. We live in New Prague and we drive the 30-minute drive to Chaska just for the great service, prices and knowing the work is done right the first time. Thank you Gary and team… A++

Megan Joy

* Reviewed April 2, 2017

Wouldn't recommend purchasing a car from them.... It was a "GREAT DEAL" they said! Throughout my entire 3-4 month "lemon-learning" fiasco, Auto Pros willingly took the car back for days & weeks on end to try and "re-create" the ignition/starter or whatever-it-was problem but were conveniently never able to recreate the issue. Ultimately, it just resulted in me being stranded somewhere on a hot summer day with a car that wouldn't start or it left me without a car while they were "trying" to figure out what was wrong with it. After I had enough, I asked them to purchase it back but to no avail.... also very convenient. I can't say "honest" and "trustworthy" would be the best words to describe this place. My family will never take a car there again and I will happily spread the spirit.

Sheila Jurgens

* * * * * Reviewed April 20, 2017

Great prices, good work, and nice people. I found them when I lived in Carver and had a sensor replaced. A short time later we moved to Robbinsdale. Recently my car broke down on the side of the road so I had it towed to a dealership up in Brooklyn Park. The dealer fixed enough to get my car up and running, but quoted us $3K to fix my ABS and traction control. I wanted a second opinion and I felt I could trust Auto Pros of Chaska because they made a good impression. They got my car in right away, found the problem, and fixed my car for $500. VERY HAPPY!