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Bill Register

* Reviewed June 29, 2018

So 47.50 for a used tire. Are $90 hours for a new tire. I explained my situation and told them that I was riding around with steel belts sticking out of my front tire I have health issues so would they exchange over my spare tire which was laying in the back of my truck and put it on the front tire for me. I was told that they would but they would be a $20 charge for that. I will never darken their doorstep ever again.

Anne Barnes

* Reviewed April 2, 2018

Will never use these folks again, they need to remove the Ten Commandments posted outside the establishment, not practicing what they preach!! These folk are not honest, will quote you a price over the phone and when the job is done it is completely different. They are a bunch of crooks, preying on the innocent people, especially older people and college students. It is ridiculous to charge $27.81 for plugging a tire, by the way they didn't have to find the hole in the tire, the nail was still in it, the hole was visible. The guy had the audacity to tell me he would lock my car up if I didn't come up with the money, he even told me he could let the air out of my tire if I want to go elsewhere. BTW I know $27.81 is not a lot of money, (it is for fixing a flat) it is the principle. They get a ZERO rating from me. #neverstepfootinwilsontire

Kit White

* * * Reviewed June 3, 2018

I use them since they are close by. Wish they wouldn't leave the TV in their waiting area on fox news...or news at all. Put it on cooking shows or animal shows, things that won't upset people or mention politics.

Nicholas Parker

* * * Reviewed May 21, 2018

I went here sometime last year to get my car worked on and they did just fine. It didn't take long at all

Octavius Truman

* * * * * Reviewed July 2, 2018

Great service. In Clinton