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Recent Reviews


* Reviewed June 6, 2018

I have called for 2 weeks straight & the bald Caucasian skin head answers the phone "will you hold please" or hold please & just hangs up the phone. I have personally driven there a couple of times when the owner was away & was turned around by the bald headed guy. The bald guy seems to always be moody or he's just down right prejudice with no customer service skills. He has been reported but I suppose as of now he is some kin to the owner. He turns away business & are always smart mouth & mean. All I wanted was a price for a new style rims & tires so I can order them. I personally bought the set I have on my vehicle now from them. I drove all the way there on a bad tire one day with a newborn & the bald guy walked out & told me to come back the next day when he had the tire there. Did not have a single other customer on the lot. Came back the next day & walked towards the heavy set guy & the bald guy runs so fast to break in the conversation because he knows he was wrong, he didn't want to be reported. 662 TIRE WHEEL & AUTO. RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL. It's a shame the owner continue to lose business due to the bald head. I guess he just doesn't care as long as they run his shop anyway they want. Once every customer figure you out they will go elsewhere. The helpers are very humble & the short guy which is the 3rd person in office that had or still has the jeep Cherokee. He is very down to earth. Prices has nothing to do with customer service. This isn't a personal problem, I haven't been there in a while or doesn't have the same# so when I get hung up on constantly this is normal service from the bald guy. If he doing it to me, he doing it to others too. I kept calling yesterday & he did the pick up hang up method. 4 times in a Row.

Drew Dunn

* * * * * Reviewed August 11, 2018

Love this guy I have got both sets of rims and tires for my trucks here and would go back in a heart beat. I had my brother go there after looking for months and he found exactly what he was looking for!!!!!

Robert Green

* * * * Reviewed September 7, 2018

Good service, short wait, reasonably priced.

Chandler Reed

* * * Reviewed June 29, 2018

Owner is somewhat a prick, sorry I wasnt able to drop $1000+ dollars in front of you. Just kinda handed me a pamphlet of wheels and said come back, I see why they don't like ya at Hub Cap Annie.

Ontarius Dorsey

* * * * * Reviewed June 5, 2018

Great work, prices, & extremely knowledgeable staff